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  1. The Bible confirms a flat earth ? You sure? The word circle is only used one time in scripture and it’s in reference to the earth.

    “It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:”

    Isaiah 40:22

    “Circle of the earth “ is a vary clear statement.

    Is this what everyone in the “truth” movement is on now a days??? Didn’t the Roman Catholic Church teach that the earth was flat back in the Dark Ages?

  2. Can someone send me a playlist or some Links to some of the original videos and channels with the legitimate flat earth videos that YouTube is blocking?? Please. I’m on Facebook as Steven Mejorado and my email is just put “Flat earth vids” in the subject space. Or just reply here. Thank you.

  3. Really random… But just saw this video "Stop Trying To Be God" by Travis Scott…. I had to stop watching half way through. Was wondering your thoughts on it.

  4. Who cares if the earth is flat we are living in the last days why aren't you guys preparing us with real information like are we a sheep or goat what is Satan's attacks this is a total distraction trying to make us literally Turn are world upside down. Wich is a tactic of mind control is to make people question reality… There also banning Alex Jones on YouTube he's on there side there distracting you from REAL important topics like how can we get closer to God this information is not spiritual food yet your even making conferences on the whole topic

  5. You said you want topics to teach.
    1. God is calling us to live as Adam lived before sin. Was Adam baptized? Answer is Yes
    2. What is the real truth about baptism beside the tradition beliefs such as ( Jesus died and rose from the dead?) Is it possible the baptism was here before Adam and Eve transgressed God’s Law? Jesus asked “Luke 20:4” This question is still valid today yet no church has a slight idea it exist. How did John come to baptize? Where did it come from? Baptism has nothing to do with Jesus death answer is in Genesis.

  6. It is your choice which you believe flat or round, but the truth will be known in truth, for the mind it self completes the image you think you are seeing; that is why we walk in faith and not only by sight.

  7. The earth is round. In the story Job asks GOD ….how does the world suspend? GOD replied and said Nothing. GOD doesn't lie. If you understood magnetism you would understand that it is true.
    Magnetism has been suppressed from us. It was a gift from GOD and taken away from us. I helped write a book which I made into a YouTube video. It was the best I could do. Please view it. Short, 32 min. GOD Based Magnetism. Than you.

  8. I don't believe some things i was taught as child… going to the moon…I use that as a basis in rejecting democracy as I believe it's a tool from the devil…but I don't give it much time allowing it to consume my time.
    I believe you may end up moving away from the end time message the present truth by being consumed by this topic and others Which as you can see may not cause one to wanteto renounce the world and it's ways and get baptized…if you see the point.


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