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Oscars 2017 EXPOSED 1…

Lady Gaga Grammy’s EXPOSED



  1. this one is great thanks.

    i knew 666 was the number of the sun ☀ yet didn't get it, isnt the sun the source of all life and light?
    no, turns out that God is the source.
    hence sunworship is synonymus with golden calve worship. nothing wrong with great appreciation of the Sun and Gold, however worshipping these things – Above- God is when it becomes unbalanced since then ur ignoring the source of all creation itself.

  2. I love that u talk about this the church is not talking about this I never knew Hollywood was like this it's shocking o thank God u opened my eyes we need to get this out so people see it for what it is thank u

  3. Now 40 years old , i stopped watching Television when i was 17 years old . I have Really no friends because majority of persons are enveloped in Worldly Doctrines, Materials, Religions and Modern Day Participants which i have no dealings with . I try my best to not be distracted with The Love Of This World , Material of the world . These award shows are nothing but Satanic and Demonic Celebrations and Rituals Done in Plain sight on Mainstream Television . I can not relate to a lot of individuals conversations today because i yearn for the TRUTH & FACTS .

  4. I rather walk with my Lord savior Jesus who shed his blood to save a sinner like me and walk the golden streets in heaven…I will not walk among who fallows Lucifer to hell …I still pray for my brothers and sisters who are the lost sheep and blinded by darkness bring them towards the way, the truth and the light. …Amen ! ! ! ! !

  5. Dont watch them anyway..dont watch but maybe an hour of t.v. a week. If it werent for my fiancee needing telLIEvision, it would not be in my home. He pays the ridiculously priced cable – I refuse to give them my money. Its all staged ..its all for programming us, hypnotising us, leading us away from famiky, friends, our inner selves and our spiritual selves.


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