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Race War: The Setup!


The globalists has had an Agenda for decades that agenda includes disarmament and depopulation. Are we falling for the agenda?



  1. I knew this was going to happen to long time ago I knew this was a byproduct of the New World Order cuz there was going to people that we're going to resist or there were going to add a new snag here in there to try to get everybody worked up so they could have martial law hard martial law here we go now contact Racers are supposed to be knocking on doors or at least calling first starting tomorrow what are you going to do Peggy right what are you going to do when they pump all the s*** into you ain't pumping nothing into me you know it's not going to happen I'll be dead maybe but it ain't going to happen and if you have kids you might not even get to the point where you go back to school I would not put no vaccine in them and I wouldn't send them back any schools with this weaponize Wi-Fi in there with 60 gigahertz if you don't know what all that is going to Children briano Joe imbriano the Fullerton Informer from Fullerton and California go on his website he knows all about that for years he's been preaching about that forever and they got this s*** online now coinciding with 5G it up 802 – 1 180 is it they got frequencies that can mimic respiratory illnesses so that'll be the second wave or it'll be part of the second wave and then they'll blame it on a virus or mutated virus I know how these assholes work I've been looking at it for 20 years so what are you going to do if you have kids you going to let him have these vaccines that are poison that want to kill him they want 95% of the people off the planet they're going to get what they want if we don't rise up and have our energy going to where it needs to be instead of burning your own town down doesn't matter if it's antifa we need to stop this Jesus Christ bless all

  2. Mr. Ben-Nun, I am an African American Woman, and I feel you totally missed the point of the African American Plight. You insinuated that black people are trying to avenge what happened during black wall street, that's ignorant, insensitive, and not factual. Black people have been exploited, killed, and mutilated for centuries and this is ongoing. Black wall street was one incident out of centuries of mistreatment in counting. You can read many news articles on how Black Americans are continually being killed by the hands of White Americans. I understand that for you, this is a spiritual issue, but for us it is BOTH SPIRITUAL and a PHYSICAL REALITY. I don't expect you to understand it because you're not African American, but please don't be insensitive.

  3. i dropped my cell phone service – smart phones are making people crazy – there ain't nothing smart about them. every time a person touches one it meshes with their electromagnetic field and begins to: make them addicted, gather biometric data (pulse, iris data, organ data, facial data, brainwaves), then it alters people's cell structure, hormones, mental activities, mood – you name it. people have no idea they are being programmed by these things and ruined.
    then add a dose of Karens Koo Koo for Coronaprops

  4. I’m ready to leave this place but I hold dear the gift of life that my father gave me and I won’t just lay down when the time comes I will defend myself and my family

  5. Well they're going to disarm a nation that have to every country that controls their people that is a necessity definitely after it's going to be a little harder here but they're not helping you know and it's covid-19 is a perfect ruse hoax to get one of those agendas complish which is getting the guns eventually they will get them this is going to be a trip watch it unfold everything track and tracing forced vaccinations you'll see we got to wake up folks and not point of anger and everybody else let's get it to where it needs to go to the elite to the people that are that are ushering in this one world order

  6. Yoooh, why you don't tell us again how obama was going to do a war to keep president. I mean you where wrong af.. i can predict 1000 things and problably some will become true. Same with you, but sure you don't want to talk how many times you were wrong.

  7. Did the people of Noah's day lock arms and stop God's judgement. Did Israel and the surrounding nations lock arms to stop the Babylon invasion. Did Jerusalem, the Apostles, and the Church lock arms and stop Titus from destroying Jerusalem and the Temple. NO! God's will was done as fortold in each situation. His will will be done again. He is sovereign. He rules in the affairs of men. Come Lord Jesus.


  9. 4 And it shall come to pass, after many days, slaves shall rise up against their masters, who shall be marshaled and disciplined for war. Doctrine and Covenants 87:4. This prophecy was to Joseph Smith from Jesus Christ Himself.

  10. You're right it is paid antifa and other entities doing this, these evil satanic puppets paid to do it because they want this one world order and they waited for over a hundred and fifty years I've been looking at it for 20 and their not going to give up so if they see anything being squelched anything they move stuff around on a chessboard and they do what they got to do to keep this Folly going for this hoax biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the planet for a flu and everybody most everybody is just bending down and following orders all they had to do is not follow the orders everyone on the planet and just said no I'm not and everything would be the way it was but they didn't so here we are and it's going to get painful folks real painful but Christ is going to come back he's going to tighten all this folly up, it's going to be glorious. Jesus Christ bless all.

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