Here I share a powerful dream that God has given me for America. Please comment your thoughts below! Do you believe God speaks through dreams? What do you think this dream means? #america #onenationundergod #christian #propheticdreams #dreaminterpretation #propheticwordforamerica #christianyoutuber #christianity #jesus #unity #peace #american #republican #conservative #truth #godspeaks #godsword



  1. I get your point, I really do/AND I AGREE WITH YOU!!!…but, if we are going to be honest with ourselves, and know REAL HISTORY. we will find, discover. that there were MANY, MANY Christ figures who came to this planet to share their love, raise the vibration of this planet. and tell us, teach us. that the Kingdom of God is within us. Buddha was one, Akhenaton was one, just to name Two of them… when the GOD OIL is released from the lower spine/Chakra. and travels up the spine, into the Mind/3rd eye Chakra. through Meditation/ONLY… one can become a Christ/achieve enlightenment. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE HERE TO ACHIEVE ON THIS PLANET. or continue to keep reincarnating/coming back here, until we get it right.

  2. Excellent word Sister. Long ago, I found myself in a situation where the Spirit of God showed me in precise terms that HE alone would direct my steps and that HE ALONE would determine the time of my departure. He showed me that HE is 100% capable of providing EVERYTHING I need.


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