1. Hello everyone👋🏽

    I forgot to mention that when I went up into the sky I also saw people who had died coming out of the sea being raptured.

    If you've had any end times dreams, feel free to share them in the comment section. God bless you all❤

  2. I truly believe that our personal guardian angels snatch us up after our LORD "Shouts come up hither" I believe we go home on GOD's appointed time and the 5th Feast day to be fulfilled which is "TRUMPETS" See you in the clouds soon sister!

  3. The rapture does not happen for at least 7 more years.  The devil is trying to trick you to believe a lie to destroy you, so you will not be ready for the coming troubling times.   ASK – the prophet            Jeremiah 28:9 "When the word of the prophet shall come to pass, than that prophet will be known as the one whom the Lord has truly sent."

  4. THE BIBLE SAYS PROVE ALL THINGS: Why is it that I cant get one christian to explain how Jesus dying on a cross wash my sins away and saves my soul from hell, THE BIBLE STATES BE READY TO GIVE AN ANSWER TO ALL MEN – Can one of you Christians who know the religion, do a video explaining how you religion works and address it RE: RAP THE NEWS So i can find it Thank You

  5. I had a dream too sister just this past months , a tsunami and I was like talking to a woman about the election and suddenly I saw a tsunami from the window,,and its weird like the house that where we were,, like floating in the flood and I saw a kid like holding the house, like we are in a doll house something like that,, she's swimming in the flood,holding the house so that we will not be drowned in the flood, but someone with me in that house saw the kid too, she tried to shoo her like she wanted her to go away, and as I look back again the window,, the kid was gone and I feel like we are not flood now and we go outside and saw some slippers , I saw a slipper big first and think first that this is not my size but I feel that I should have choose it,, while choosing slippers I was left alone and still raining outside , and like another tsunami is forming,so I keep on going I saw an
    Inn but they ignore me, so I keep on walking straight and I found a building it was old but there are people and like they are staring at me with hate in their eyes and that when the dream end.

    I think the kid means is Jesus like he is always there to protect us, and the slippers are to choose the right thing/path .

    I hope me be raptured too


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