We have all lost loved ones and it’s never easy. I wrote this song as a reminder that one day, I’ll see them again. #OneDay #GodTwang #CountryRap

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Prod. by DUB3030
Filmed by Dackary Productions
Location: Spring Valley Farm (Moneta, VA)



  1. First time I heard this no joke felt like I was right there with u writing it I knew the words. .. connected to me …wow….this was azaming….I'm nt jkin. I felt these words an knew them so love this song thinking an praying for u allll…

  2. Much respect to you rare of breed. I’ve endured many losses of ones close to me ,including my own mother. Thank you, keep pushing these tracks, you speak every truth from the soul. 🙏🔥❤️‍🔥🫡

  3. Idk how many times I have heard this song as hard as it is to not remember the hurtful times in my life because my mom also died from cancer. But atleast this didn't have a dog dieing like my lab. Than it was my grandfather I learned not to cuse when getting hurt. It was hard times but like your song I know I will see them dance in their new bodies

  4. I just wanted to say that this song is one of your best songs besides God twang of course, but I relate especially to the part where you talk about your grandfather passing away when you were 21 that hits me because I was around 21 when my grandfather passed away and how you explain how you responded kind of is similar to my response that's why I love this song thanks for what you do my brother, dad, and I are huge God twang fans and we have our sweatshirts and t-shirts of God twang on the way 🙂

  5. My 34 yr old sweet-hearted, saved by Jesus long ago, US Army Veteran, injured in paratrooper skydiving exercise years ago, son Charles Weston Bloodworth, shot himself in the head with his own self built ghost gun pistol May 19th, 2022 11:30pm in Pinellas county, Florida in a shared veterans Home provided by an organization named Heaven on Earth housing for veterans. He spent 2 hours on the phone with his friend that night, talking, laughing, sending photos, cutting up, saying he got the bottle of vodka to drink (chasing shots with soda) because he had not been feeling any feelings, he felt emotionless. His knee was swollen from a recent repair surgery from the injury years ago. He had not picked up his antibiotics or his pain medicine. He had no drugs in his system and had recently come off the substance of kratom. He told his friend he wanted to get his "cry on" because as I mentioned he told his friend he hadn't been feeling anything emotionally.. (When my son would drink, he would often play recklessly with his gun. I think that's what happened that night, although he may have had a dark moment of despair & pulled the trigger or he may have just wanted to see for himself what was on the other side of "the curtain" between physical & spiritual life. He often sent me near death experience videos as well as Christian YouTube channels.)
    The officer who called me in Oklahoma from Florida told me at the time of the shooting my son was probably five or six times the legal limit of alcohol. He did not leave a suicide note. Instead his laptop was open to a letter of intent to apply to the CIA agency and the reasons why he would be a good fit even if it was just to take out their trash for a year. He had just gotten his bachelor's degree in criminal justice and ethics and had decided and spoke with a school counselor about going for his master's degree. He wanted to get his master's degree so that he could counsel veterans going through the system. He did work for veterans hospital in Oklahoma City. His job was to dress in hazmat suits in thoroughly clean hospital rooms after patients had died. In Florida he became a certified commercial scuba diver in support of his friend there who wanted to become certified. He had accomplished that and so he actually had made a plan with his other Grandma here to stay with her in Yukon, OK, soon while he started up his master degree program. He had a plan.
    He had a plan in early August for his 15-year-old son to come visit him for his son's 15th birthday.
    He has five children from three mothers and it broke his heart to not be a father to them on the daily because he and his sisters grew up with a father who chose to stay away and a mother – me – who chose to do many things against my morals and convictions and gaining great understanding and empathy for their father along the way after walking some in his footsteps. I came back though. I came back for my kids every time. And we were good except for the oldest daughter….. She chooses to stay away like their father. That's okay.
    My son's cousin is Carina Saunders. 11 years ago she was taken and most likely tortured alive until she died. Her body was cut into pieces and dumped near the Homeland grocery store in Bethany Oklahoma. Her remains were found by people feeding feral cats on October 13th 2011. Her head was in a laundry bag and most of her other body parts minus her forarms, hands, feet and left breast were in a black Nike duffel bag beside the laundry bag containing her head. Her hair have been cut very short. Someone had attempted to slice off her "Kween of Spade" tattoo. I found out afterwards that two weeks before my son passed, he dreamed his little cousin, Carina came to him and with a lilt in her voice said, "you better get ready cousin, we got lots of work to do!"
    My son did not call "Mama Carol" that night. She owned the house he lived in and often called her when he was down. She is a retired veteran and a great counselor.
    Because no one witnessed the shooting, the medical examiner ruled it a suicide. He had to because there was a gun involved and no witness to say otherwise. By the grace of God, my dad was able to pay for flight tickets and my niece, Raschelle Majors, drove my daughter, Kaydi (Kathryn Bloodworth) and I from Oklahoma City to Dallas to catch a plane to go to Florida to be with my son. In the meantime my son's on and off girlfriend, Journey Caulder, went to the hospital and stayed 40 hours straight by his side and took messages and let people speak to him on the phone and say their goodbyes. The gunshot was by a very powerful bullet that went through my son's head, through a dresser, through the wall behind it, through the wall across the hallway into the bathroom wall. It damaged three of the four lobes in his brain catastrophically. The essence of my son was already gone. Gone Home to God. My daughter and I made it there and got to spend more than 24 hours with my son. My daughter got to take a nap draped across his body. She misses her brother terribly! Her grandmother, my mom, Thelma Lucille Chesser (TLC – Tender Loving Care) ascended to Heaven June 28th 2021. Her ascent was marked by a rainbow – much as Queen Elizabeth's also was here recently. My son and my daughter were together here in Oklahoma for her funeral and again a couple weeks later they both came back to Mustang Oklahoma to my parents' acreage and spent a little more time together. That was July 2021. That's the last time we got to see my son here. At my home, he weeded the flower bed completely – took out the overgrown weeds & grasses at mine and my husband's house; we all laughed and chatted together as he worked to reveal the rich dirt beneath. (The monkey grasses have grown back now – I will turn it into a beautiful garden of some sort and it will be fun and rejuvenating to grow something beautiful and remember the good time together that day ❣️) I don't know why he did that weeding. God does tho. I do know my husband and I are since then in a more solid & very peaceful relationship since that act of kindness…
    My son accidentally left his beautiful suit here and I was able to gift that to one of his sons who will grow into it one day. One day is one song that I listen to often. Back to my roots is another song that brings my son to mind. It could have been written for him. So many things in the music of Rare of Breed music speak of my son and our family. The songs could have been written about us! Growing up on this old dirt road at my parents home/small farm acreage for much of his life. My son loved this type of music. Christian rap. I hope he listened to some of these songs that I sent him this past year. One night I sent him almost every song hoping to reach him because he was having a hard time. Today, I have complete peace regarding my son (tho I miss him & break a little and cry at times). I know where he is and I know he's serving our great God with great purpose even more so now. This new song of yours talks about what's going on in the world today. My husband and my father who has now glioblastoma terminal brain cancer and I all watch newsmax and Fox News mostly and we pay attention and we pray. This song hits home in our hearts and I give God the glory for all of your music, Rare of Breed. Thank you! Godspeed to you all 💙👣☦️💙💦

  6. "he raised me up in a way i should have went, but i took a wrong turn, rand hard from the lord, i cant wait to see what he says when i make it heaven, when i hug him and laugh mayn"
    Damn it hits me hard.
    When i lost my father i had my biggest supporter and friend. My brother. A young man who gave all he had to me and was the one who raised me. When i came home from the hospital and sat down and he asked me "whats up bro" and he came over and hugged me. I felt that was all i needed, and i simply broke down. One week later we buried him and he drove me back to copenhagen. The day after he got sick and was hospitalized. He had cystic fibrosis so i was used to it. But this time felt different. He never really got better. 3 months later they called me from the hospital one morning and told me he was in a respirator and we had to come and turn it off. He became 29. and i was 25 at that time. This changed me forever. I never take anyone for granted, and i will always show my love to the people i love and care for.
    I feel this lyric comes from a place i can recognize my self in.
    We also had another bigbrother who died very young and we always talked about him sitting by a little perfect place in heaven near the lake fishing and waiting for us up there. And i hope they care of eachother and my father up there. R.I.P
    Much love from me <3

  7. All glory goes to king Jesus of Nazareth🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💛💛💛💛💛💛💛



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