In this video, I go over my honest feedback on your dating profiles! I go over some things the guys are doing well as well as things they could improve and change. If you want to participate in a future video like this, be sure to follow me on Instagram!

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  1. The dating apps themselves are set against you to put you in the position to pay money. It's not that you're ugly and tons of women are ignoring you, they just aren't seeing you. Compared to them, you're simply ranked behind everyone else in the queue. This is by design. Who knows how shallow the algorithm is when it comes to ranking you.

  2. Dating apps are bullshit be a real man and have the minerals r balls to approach a woman. Call me old fashioned but I never had a problem approaching a woman but I'm 43 now so in middle age ground. These apps destroy male confidence. I give up whatever!!!!

  3. I'd say that most of the advices would turn it into a girl photoshoot. Guys dont think about their pictures as much as women. We dont think about angles, what works best and so on. That is just not our thing. And women should not judge out pictures by those standards.

  4. 10:04 "clearly he's not into the hook ups". Oh how naive women are, EVERY (single) guy is into hook ups, NO exceptions.
    Guys only pretend to be not into hook ups, because being obvious about that, is a sure way to not get hook ups (unless you look like Brat Pitt and even then).
    And yes he might also be looking for love, a girlfriend, a long term relationship, but that doesn't mean he is not interested in casual sex with woman.

    Ps. good guy profiles: be extremely attractive and/or appear to be successful in life. Good woman profiles for hook ups: have female body parts. Good woman profiles for love: have female body parts, and seem to be nice (but even that last one is optional if you are above average good looking).

  5. All the dating apps suck because the girls on there aren’t realistic. They look for a guy that looks like a model or seems to have a bunch of money. Then wonder why they can’t ever find the right guy

  6. How is taking a picture with a model car at some exhibit the same as taking a picture with a trophy fish that you caught? You compared a guy who is clearly at a car show getting someone else to take a picture of him with a car that clearly isn't his to someone who holds a fish in their picture. My 2nd picture on my profile is literally me holding up probably the biggest fish I've ever caught while I was well groomed (beard/goatee wise) and a very happy smile so I feel personally attacked LOL @Courtney Ryan (btw the fish was released even though that shouldn't matter)

  7. Tinder registers more than 1.6 billion left and right swipes each day! It's true and I agree with such statement: when finding matches on Tinder, you need to create a profile that brings out the best in you. Your photos are what triggers other users to swipe right or send a Super Like.
    The main ideas:
    – First Picture: You need to ensure this picture makes a positive impression and shows you at your best.
    – Second Picture: having fun or spending time with friends.
    – Third Picture: Shows Your Interests

    First impressions matter on Tinder. Most women will take some time to look at your photos and read some bit about you before swiping right.


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