Phantom G and Big Tam, Houston rappers, debut in their first music video “Real Talk.” The music video was produced and directed by Jimmy Greene. Please leave comments and feedback.



  1. I like the reason of this video.
    But the actual song n first verse was a Lil iffy. The video and audio wasn't correctly timed. And y'all were in the club. Not in one scene did I see a cross, a church, or anything pertaining to faith.
    All I saw was fancy cars and clubs. But for the effort in making a song and video. I salute you. But next time go over the scenes and get the video as good as possible before posting it.
    I edit video pretty well n if need be I will do it for you. Butt. God bless

  2. I must be too white !!!!! Nothing personal, but rap music is an inquired taste kind of music. I see where the passion and the talent is in it. And can see why people would like it. But for some reason. It just doesn't register in my music bank !!!! This isn't racial , or wasn't meant to start an argument. Please, if you have an insult flying to me. Resist !!!!

  3. yes i had. Have you read "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" ? If you say yes and still belive that life in earth came from Adam and Eve, you are more dumb than i think, you are a true american!

  4. LOL! Darwin confused people… That talk about God is for DUMB people. Evolution theory was made with logic and evidence, God was made with human fears and no logic.


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