According to the Bible, God used prophetic dreams to forewarn and otherwise guide believers throughout the Old and New Testaments. But does God still speak to us through our subconscious during sleep? Dream interpreter and spiritual life coach Yvonne Ryba ( says that dreams can, indeed, have a Godly inspiration and influence.

As we approach Christmas, Yvonne traces prophetic dreams to Biblical times, particularly to the life of Jesus Christ. She also recalls a very palpable, prescient dream of her late first husband — a dream so vivid and powerful that Yvonne knew it meant the couple should soon make a major move in their life for the better.

For more of Yvonne’s dream interpretation, check out season one of “re:awakening” in Chris’s 2011-2013 podcast “Reimagine That!” All 22 episodes are available on Chris’s Retroality.TV YouTube channel:

Host: Chris Mann

Life coach/dream interpreter: Yvonne Ryba

Announcer: Linda Kay

Created by: Chris Mann

Producers: Linda Kay, Chris Mann

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