I just landed in Phoenix, Arizona. The elections were over Tuesday night and it’s now Saturday afternoon but they still haven’t finished counting. Third world countries can get their votes counted on Election Day — what’s Arizona’s excuse? 

I’m right outside the Maricopa County election tabulation center — local citizens are so angry, there’s a large protest outside. Skeptics point out that the politician in charge of elections in Arizona — the Secretary of State — is Katie Hobbs, who just happens to be the Democrat running for governor against Kari Lake, a long-time news anchor supported by Donald Trump. Lake says the votes that haven’t been counted are disproportionately Republican votes. How will this end? Will it ever end?

Is there any evidence of dirty tricks? These are some of the questions I’ll be asking in the days ahead. I’ll shine a light of scrutiny on these shenanigans — I plan to interview activists on BOTH sides, as well as the lawyers who have descended on the city to join the battle. 

We’ve set up a special website for this project — it’s called WatchingArizona.com. We know that people around the world are watching this absurd election chaos.

Please check in at WatchingArizona.com every day for my latest updates. And if you can, please chip in to help cover my economy-class airfare and modest AirBNB while I’m in town. Unlike other media, we take no money from the government and we’re not owned by a large corporation. We’re 100% independent, so we rely on viewers like you!

P.S. It’s been four days, and they still haven’t counted hundreds of thousands of votes! This really is a national scandal.

P.P.S. You just can’t trust CNN or the New York Times to tell you what’s really going on. Please help our independent citizen journalism, by clicking here or going to www.WatchingArizona.com. My modest expense for the week will still cost almost $2,000 — please help if you can.

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