Dr. Gene Kim (UC Berkeley & PBI)
Resources: Hi, I’m Dr Gene Kim (UC Berkeley & PBI) and I pastor a church at San Jose Bible Baptist Church. My channel publishes videos that focus on wrong doctrines, dispensationalism, end times and KJV as the only word of God. If that sounds like it could be helpful for you, please subscribe!

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Pastor Gene Kim
San Jose Bible Baptist Church, CA
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  1. I watched your video 'Amazing Dispensational Truth' and found your teaching Rightly Divided the Word of God. I like the Dispensational teaching of Clarence Larkin. The charts Rev. Clarence Larkin has drawn are very detailed right from the Word of God.

    Look up these four books titled, 'The Book of Daniel', 'The Dispensational Truth', 'The Book of Revelation' and 'Rightly Dividing the Word'. You will learn a great deal from Rev. Larkin's study of the Word of God. All of Rev. Larkin's books get five stars on Amazon. God Bless you Dr. Kim.

  2. Will pray for you PASTOR…you are an incredible TRUTH TELLER…

    IVE ALWAYS believed as you…grew up a preachers nice, daughter and my brother is my Pastor in a small Church… Independent, Fundamental, KJV, Bible Believing Dispensationalist

  3. I was praying for discernment for a few months. I found your channel and heard your teaching. I know Jesus Christ led me here and it’s with gratitude and humility that I’ll stay. It is important to read the right book I’m glad for you. The devil for sure wants us led wrong.. you give facts and details on why the KJV is the word. It’s simple to understand which is where I know truth lives. I will buy KJV 1611 bible. Thank you for your teaching

  4. I'm in agreement with you Pastor Gene. Thank you for speaking out about this. I just recently came across a few pastors here on you-tube that are saying that Paul was not an apostle and that he is actually the Antichrist. They say that we should not listen to the teachings of Paul because the teachings were not given by Jesus Christ. They are spreading throughout the you-tube channels. What do you think of all of this?

  5. I don't always agree with you Pastor Kim, but I pray for your safety. You're a good man and always listen to what you have to say. I also pray for your haters….May they see the light and soften their hearts. God bless!

  6. Those cultic churches are breaking up. God is not an author of confusion. Their own leadership is breaking up. Jesus said, " vengeance is mine." Also, touch not my ANNOITED. When you pick a fight against PASTORS who are sound in doctrine, you pick a fight against God.

  7. One need on ly listen to five minutes of the leader (wolf) to realize he is a fraud;they are the modern day pharisees. This wolf has deceived so much, denying even the holocaust, referring to the pastor Kim is talking about

  8. You are blessed. I pray the lord keeps you in his love and protection, always. You're doing something right when they attack you. They are obviously threatened by your true teachings. God be with you. You're in my prayers Dr.Kim.🙏🏼

  9. Dear pastor I am so sorry that you're going through all of that. I will pray for you and you have changed things for me dramatically oh for the positive! You had made it a point to say in one of your teachings that these women out there that says oh I'm alone Are Not Alone. And you are absolutely right we have the Lord Jesus Christ sir every cent you said that my life is changed around. My so-called husband after 15 years said he didn't love me anymore because I'm blind and too needy! Unfortunately I've had to live with them continuously for the past two years as I have had nowhere to go and his attacks on me are just they're they're terrible.

    But when you said all you women out there you do have a man in your life that meant more to me than anything because I swear on the Lord Jesus that during the birth of my first child which was beyond difficult did come to my bedside and I did see him and he did comfort me because he was the only one that would have been able to take that pain away. 28 hours of hard hard labor before they decided to take me in for surgery why I don't know but again this was 32 years ago 33 years ago. I will pray for you and I continue to listen to you and I appreciate your time effort and your dedication to God and to the people that you were trying to help in the Lord does see that you're right. Thank you so much for everything God bless and I just keep on listening

  10. Amen Pastor!! Stand Strong! The LORD JESUS CHRIST stands with you for you stand up for him. May your strength be renewed every day to press on and finish the race. Know that you are making a people zealous for Christ once more. The doctrine of Bible beleavers is shedding truth and giving life to people who are tired of lies.


  12. Brother Kim, I believe if all your Youtube followers met up in the Bay area to meet you, you guys would need LOTS more chairs. You are helping people see the Bible for the wonder that it is, every single day, and no one can take that away from you. People want and need to hear what you are teaching, and the evil one will not be able to quench your light. Shine on, Brother!


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