By studying Proverbs 26:12-28, Christians can discover 8 types of people to avoid in relationships like friendship, dating, and marriage.

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  1. While watching this video, I reflected to not be these qualities versus seeing if another possesses these. My friends as far as I know do not have these traits, but I live with a person who has the cynical and sarcastic ness to their personality, or accepted it as a habit. What would be wise to do besides asking the Lord?

  2. Another red flag is when you tell the guy a lot about yourself and they don’t tell you about their interests they just sit there and talk about God all day. Jezebel spirit right there it’s sad

  3. Man I was talking to a guy online for two weeks. He is an elder of a church. First red flag was, “I’m busy” which came across as pretty rude…then he’d text me whenever it was convenient for him and ignore anything about me. I told him how much I loved the woman of the Bible story movies and he completely ignored what I texted and noticed him doing this all the time. I meet narcissistic men all the time though.

    Also my ex boyfriend had an excuse to never change and he was lazy and angry and everything was about him.

    Anyways, I ended up telling this “church elder” I believe 100 percent in the Bible so what are your intentions? Then I told him, “I’m busy so” 🤷‍♀️

  4. Thanks & Thanku Jesus. Definitely Don't Trust Blabbermouths. Absolutely got to Have Trust, Morals & Manner's. God Bless Always.😇💪✔️☮️💯🤔✝️🇺🇲🏁🧬🎶🙏

  5. Something tells me that most of the people viewing this were doing so as a way to look at themselves to avoid being one of these types rather than just looking out at other people. Which makes me happy.

  6. Thanks again an thanku Jesus. Thank God for boundaries an standard's. It's definitely having the same beliefs such as the yoke. Year's later, hopefully someday. Very particular, bcuz of what I've been through, an definitely not again. So check backgrounds, must have an read the KJV Bible, an definitely no anger issues. God bless us always.😇🙏🧩🌎☮️🏁🎶✝️🇺🇲

  7. The thing is I work with these exact people at my job. And I’m starting to realize that God is always separating me from them so that I can work hard and focus on my job with God. 🙏🏻❤️

  8. We Have 1000's of Unequally YOKED Marriages and Dating in CHURCHES and pastors Say NOTHING ,… DIVORCE is big in CHURCH because most are NOT Born again ,…. and Fooled by Ear Tickling dead Sermons

  9. The weird thing is: throughout this entire video, I was mostly thinking about whether or not I myself have any of these problems. I’ve sent these to a couple fellow believers of mine so that they can check me.

  10. #4 I dont believe I am smarter than everyone else but I am often told by different people, people that dont even know each other, that I am "so smart" or they ask me "why am I so smart". I have often felt smarter than most in the room but I know very much so that I am by no means the smartest one around. I dont try to use this in ways to get over on people however. I do often find myself explaining the way something works, or some ideological viewpoint or how to do something though. Most of my effort when it comes to dealing with people, especially my friends or family is spent trying to help them be better people. I often try to help those I care about see that something they are doing can be harmful or dangerous. I try to warn those around me about pitfalls I see ahead of them. It has in the past caused me to gain resentment or even lose friends. But sorry Im not sorry I just cant sit back in silence and watch someone destroy their self. Is it more wrong to be quiet and let someone harm their self or to speak up about the danger they are approaching and risk resentment or accusations of being judgemental?


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