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  1. I had to watch this again.. you have been talking s about this for quite some time.. it is quite scary.. why tamper with God's creation.. why anger Him so.. as God as my witness, I drove to work crying this morning.. asking God why such things.. the endless wars.. just everything was on my mind.. it was killing me on the inside.. it was raining here so I hope no one noticed my face.. I walked without an umbrella to hide my tears:((

  2. I am getting so aggravated with youtube. Somehow I seem to keep getting unsubscribes from this channel, and I have to keep subscribing when I realize I haven't been getting these videos… good video Nicholson….

  3. There will still be humans to humiliate ( slaves) the tech bodies will be for the ELITE, even the ascended ones actually still want flesh suits. There's nothing like the human body to experience, they want to FEEL, taste, smell, SEX! They just want it without the GOD DNA in it it's a thorn to them. Transhumanism is the carrot for the humans……you shall not die?!!!!

  4. Thank you brother I can't say how long I followed your work?? but you have contributed immensely to my own journey stepping out of the darkness and into the light.. I will continue to share for as long as I can, but I feel like all this information is going to cease very soon.. I can sense and feel badness all around me in this world.. I will continue to read the bible in order to put on my fatigues and equipped with as much spiritual armour as possible… Our Lord and saviour is coming I just concerned that all the badness I've done throughout life will be my downfall.. I think I know that I will be on ground zero when the protection of God is lifted.. servitude to yehushua Hamashyiach to guide my friends and loved ones to him during the reign of the beast..
    Thank you brother God bless


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