Regé-Jean Page talks about his experience as an extra as he gets ready for the Met Gala.

Director: Joshua Peters
DP: Bradley Credit
Editor: Evan Allan
Producer: Naomi Nishi
Producer, On-Set: Nurys Castillo
Assistant Camera: Josh Catubig
Audio: Nick Dalessio
Associate Producer: Kristen Engelson
Production Assistant: Jet Cafuli
Filmed on Location: The Lowell Hotel
Post Production Coordinator: Andrea Farr
Post-Production Supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi
Production Coordinator: Jane DiBartolo
Production Manager: Kit Fogarty
Production Manager: Victor Cifrè II
Entertainment Director, Vogue: Sergio Kletnoy
Showrunner: Felicia Kelley
Director of Content Production, Vogue: Rahel Gebreyes
Executive Producer: Ruhiya Nuruddin
Manager, Creative Development, Vogue: Alexandra Gurvitch
Senior Director, Creative Development: Alice Park
Senior Director, Programming, Vogue: Linda Gittleson
VP, Digital Video Programming and Development, Vogue: Joe Pickard

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  1. Mr. Rege-Jean Page seems to be a gentle soul; he even acknowledged the chauffeur who held the car door for him. Many celebs do not do that. I wish him a long career in the business.

  2. What I like about Rege Jean Page is how he presents himself to the world. He has elegance, sophistication, grace & an integrity of beingness that is genuine. It is what it is…he owns it! And that’s a fact! 👍🏼 🔥

  3. Men getting ready:🔳🔲🥂.

    Women getting ready:🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣🟣🔴📿🔨✂️📌🎀🪞👛👠🍾🍾🪡🧵🧶💅🏽🤳🏽🤯😫😭😕😯😮🙂😊😁🤩.
    It’s all good though!💫💫


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