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Therapy and religion is something that many of you have asked me about. Some of you feel that your therapist is pushing you to be religious or isn’t understanding that you are an atheist. Others of you feel that religion is such an important part of who you are that you want to find a therapist who shares your beliefs and values. Lastly, many of you have asked me about my thoughts on seeing someone at your church for help rather than seeking out a licensed professional. Today I sit down and chat with you about it! Just so you know, this is in no way meant to discourage you from seeking religious therapy or to be only discussing certain sects. I just wanted to talk about my thoughts on religion and how it may play out in your path to recovery. I hope you found this helpful! Please share and leave your comments! xoxWEBSITE
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  1. Thank ypu so much for this video. Ever since I thought about going back to therapy, I was terrified about loosing my faith there or not being able to show my full self, because I can not share about my experiences with God. It became such a huge part of myself. thank you for the advice on how to ask a therapist about it. I used to do Online therapy and my licensed therapist was Christian and I didn’t even know for quite a long time until I saw her pop up at the same website Christian Counseling department. Since then I felt so free and more safe to talk to her because I knew she believed in the same as me.

  2. I couldn't agree more with the dangers of seeking therapy from a religious leader! I used to be a Jehovah's Witness, and professional therapy is extremely frowned upon. JW's have to go to the elders for not only spiritual advice, but for all advice, including things that they are NOT trained or experienced to handle. If you are depressed or experiencing anxiety, you aren't reading your bible enough, praying enough, or going out preaching enough. It keeps members trapped because they are only seeking help internally. So glad I am free from them and I am studying to be a mental health counselor so I can help provide REAL advice for people who are struggling.

  3. But listen to what Tracie Harris of the 'Atheist Experience' says about this subject. She rails against mixing religion with therapy which is supposed to be a scientific field of inquiry. She raises many horror stories of people sent to "therapists" only to find out they are Christian fundies who want to impliment their hocus pocus in the therapy.
    It also is not fair to actual legitimate therapists by asking them to engage in prayer with religious patients. If you want to be comforted by your religion… fine but ask to see a pastor or clergy. Do not expect scientifically trained clinical professionals to be purveyors of supernatural solutions.

  4. I had a therapist suggest that my perfectionism was a symptom of my religion. Maybe they had a point, but I was a teenager and it was not an appropriate suggestion the way she made it. I immediately felt defensive and it wasn’t helpful.

  5. I am seeing a licensed therapist who is Catholic, as I. We do not pray together nor read Scripture but my faith has kept me afloat & if I have a Faith based moment she is happy I have that. I certainly do not believe your therapist should use religion if it is not a presence in your recovery. Just sayin'. Today she recommended I try guided meditation because my anxiety level is through the roof. It will be Christian based although she did not say it should be. ❤️ I believe she's a very good therapist.

  6. In fact I worked once with a psychosocial support team where it was meant to listen to people and relieve them or at least make their pain less , one of our activities was to let people know that mental illness is not necessarily caused by spiritual things only it can be and it may be not ,It may be sth chemical or a serious health or mental illness that needs educated enough psychiatrist and psychologist to solve it. I am religious and in most of my time it helps me to stay strong or be inspired or have hope .But still we can never blame anyone for what they feel or how they think or assume reasons for that but we can help let them see things differently or detect the real problem ,by the way we were not qualified but we were volunteering and we were students of so many majors and it was a nice experience in my life I guess .I love your channel Kati I have enough courage to solve my own psychological and mental issues and relieve myself from a lot of guilt now ,you helped me to take a decision that might change my whole life to the better in future ,Thank you so much

  7. Christian counseling can be a more affordable option while therapy is super expensive. I would love to see a video on affordable therapy for those who need something more than counseling/Christian counseling but don’t have access to it financially.

  8. What happenedrmto for me was pretty lucky for me. Being LGBT is a big part of me and something I was trying to figure out when starting therapy, but I also wanted someone who was a Christian. My therapist is bi and a Christian and went to the same college my parents went to which I find pretty cool. What was really helpful was that she said I shouldn't go to said college because they are extremely homophobic, so I was able to go deeper into that and figured our that college is not going to best for me. So it ended up being a perfect fit

  9. I love that I can go to my therapist & talk about God without her thinking my faith is irrational or whatever. I go to a Christian Clinic. I’d never go to a secular place.

  10. I’m currently in seminary and part of the Pastoral Care class (its essentially what to do when someone calls you for help) is that a Clergy members should only meet with a congregant on a single issue a max of three times. After that they should refer you to a professional. Pastors are not suppose to do therapy work (unless they have actually gone to school for it).They should have resources to make referrals and may, depending on the size of the church, have funds to help pay for the first few sessions.

  11. From a Christian standpoint there are pastoral counselors which are licensed in some states. When I started I counseling I started through a pastoral counselor and he was wise enough to say that this was a first step to go through therapy who is more equipped to handle my situation. There are some who won’t make that referral. Those are the one that people need to be cautious

  12. hold on katii! what if religion has a positive effect in mental health, im thinking it may…X'D. or kinda a opened question to answer it but what if religion has a evidence based spectrum where religion helps mental health? what kinda of preferable practices might help! is advice just fundamental for practical support? sorry for the big what if..but id love to comeback to this topic! thanks for your support. been listening to the stories, evidence, and advice! thanks kati. appreciate everything hope to hear back! bye!

  13. My therapist is the pastors wife her office is in our church she is fully licensed she is the best we do puzzles and talk sometimes we read scriptures and she did all the paperwork for me to be approved for opwdd services to help me be more independent and she helped me to get free piano lessons and paint class at the autism center and she helped me to be free of all self injury

  14. Great video, I think you performed that balancing act really well! 👍

    To answer your question, I agree with what you said in your video (i. e., it's up to the person seeking help). For me personally, I have purposely chosen to identify with God, so religion in therapy would be ideal (with a therapist who actually "gets" me from a religious perspective, 'cause we all know there are many who claim to be religious when they're really not). Unfortunately, I literally cannot find any therapists near me who are actually true Catholics … 👎😜😠

    (… and since I know some smart alec's going to try to use that as an incentive to convert me to something else, don't bother wasting your time or mine, I love God and my religion, and I ain't switching …) 🕆📿❤😆


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