Reptilians have been inner mingled amongst the human race for thousands of years, but what few know is how they got here and who they really are. The proof is in plain view.
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  1. I didn't know you had another youtube channel. that's great. I'll go there and subscribe. it's smart having a backup channel, with the purge happening, many channels being suspended or deleted.

    All glory to God.
    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Chuck Missler has unfortunately passed into glory in 2018. A great loss to us all. But you can still watch him through Koinonia house.
    Thank you so much for this awesome teaching and the expounding of the Hebrew scriptures.
    Right up my alley.
    Bless you.

  3. I can not wait for the documentary you are working on… would it be possible to get it on dvd & available to play in England (have very limited data!) May God bless your ministry

  4. The rapture is bs and is not biblical. It is based in the book of Thessalonians where Paul states we are in the spirit when we are gathered back. But the new versions of the bible say we are caught up in the air like "birds". Which is wrong. We are going to see technology that can take us up off this earth, and it will become a very relevant issue whether that scripture means to leave earth or not. It is a trick, we are NOT TO LEAVE THIS EARTH. It cannot be accepted or tolerated!

  5. Isn’t Isaiah 57:1-2 about removing the righteous from earth by a natural death or early death before calamity or plague comes? I looked at the commentary and that’s what I gathered.

    John 16:33 – Ye shall have tribulation
    John 16:20 – If they persecuted me (Christ), they will also persecute you

    A few more verses about reptilians or giants is Gen. 15:18-21 & Gen 38:1-7

  6. God/Jehovah/Yeshuah-Yashuah says in Genesis 3:15, speaking TO THE SERPENT: "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed: it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel" … God WARNS us in this scripture about our prime ENEMY (in this MAJOR physical-mental-spiritual warfare), the mortal enemy that us humans have been fighting for ages against… the SERPENT RACE… yet FEW OF US even KNOW THAT SUCH A WAR IS TAKING PLACE, much less WHO OUR ENEMIES ARE and WHO we are fighting against! For those who are willing to break-out of the illusory MATRIX that the SERPENT RACE has programmed into our manipulated "Babylonian" society, here is a link that explains it all. Read this information PRAYERFULLY because only God Almighty can illuminate our minds with the TRUTH that our enemies are desperately trying to hide from us. Jesus spoke about this cursed "race"… which actually has the power to walk and work among us in disguise… as the "tares among the wheat" ( Matthew 13:24-30 )… for they are able to TRANSFORM themselves into human APPEARING form. So then, IF you are ready for the truth… then here it is:


  7. There is a reason books like Enoch we're intentionally omitted. Too much truth and valuable information about our creation in there!!! Blatant proof of the existence of the giants that are recorded as to have existed in virtually every religion. How can you deny the existence of something that is recorded in countless different religions as fact? Even the existence of Gilgamesh was recorded in non canon records? Just like the days turning to night and the 3 days of darkness was recorded in ancient Chinese records dating back 5000+ years. They weren't even Christian yet they have these anomolies recorded in their texts at the exact same period in time. That's irrefutable proof from an unbiased and respected source.

  8. "Enoch walked with God and God took him" paraphrased from Genesis 5:21-24 But he was a seed of a fallen angel? If that is so, then why should anyone be worried about what they have been intermingled with that is beyond they're knowledge? If Jesus Christ is Lord of your life, then that settles it.

  9. great work definitely all those abductions and reproductive experiments they are doing with humans are to perfection the human look alike hybrid that will be the son of perdition predicted in the bible that is the antichrist

  10. Stephen – If you look to the music industry and hollywood MANY of the young performers stick out their tongues and wink the eye….. I wondered about this for awhile now.

  11. Amen thank you. Confirmation also I am 0- "rh negetive" And my husband is 0 positive, have you any intel on this mysterious blood type? To YAHWEH be the GLORY. Praise YESHUA! Shalom 👍❤

  12. It's true and it's called [Adrenochrome ] they cause terror in children to increase the powerful properties in the blood to keep them young and they sacrifice- for their power, fame, and wealth.
    Look at the Queen because she is one, alongside the Rothschilds and many others???
    This world is truly sick and twisted and this is why we need the pure blood of our Savior.
    What do you think the scriptures mean when it says that men's hearts will fail them for the things that they are going to see???
    Luke 21:26
    ~ Blessings ~

  13. Are you kidding me! Dont lump Trump in with the Clintons and Obamas satanic lifestyle. I dont know why you would repeat that fake news. Trump is trying to build our country back up, with absolutely no help from the House Democrats . They hate him and want him impeached andc tg heres no evidence to back up their claims. Theres no evidence to back up your accusation !
    Hes been attacked daily by the deep state and it continues and they never find any guilt!
    Trump has been arresting thousands of pedifiles and has rescued many children from the hands of the wicked. He started before his inauguration! He called out the witch Hillary and her pedifile mate in 2016..did you not watch the debates? He brought to the debates many of the Bill Clinton rape victims! He had Epstein arrested! The left had Epstein assassinated. The fake news tried to connect Trump and NO AVAIL!
    Trump never went to Epstein island, in fact he banned Epstein from entering his hotels. whereas many celebrities and politicians have been there!

  14. Now I know why I subbed to this guy. All the content is stuff I have been thinking about for the past 20 years. The serpent seed and the seed of the woman all makes sense now. Basically the snake cult love magick and seek power from the fallen watchers. They hide information to make themselves kings over other men. And the seed of the woman are the loyal followers who endure the trials of temptation to walk the straight path. One is about chaos and the other is about order. And today you see this in the way the elites always have seperate laws for everyone else and laws amoung themselves as if they were royalty and go by different ruleset. When the kings of the earth betray God its out of jealousy for when Jesus makes his return to be king over earth. But Jesus is not coming back as a humble servant. He will be coming back in warrior mode.

  15. Stephen, Chuck Missler's ministry is called Koinonia House. If you go to there website, you'll find they have an excellent internal search engine. True to the Chuck Missler mindset, it is cross-referenced like crazy. If there is a Chuck Missler teaching on any given subject, a single word of the subject in the search bar will bring it or a list of possibilities up, moy pronto ! Peace, Rabbi.

  16. Are they re awaking the fact of the enemy family the Kenites the ones that will not drink because their father told them not to drink wine or any alcoholic drinks or have seed to plant to be vagabons not having houses like Cain had built townships…


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