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Original Words and Music by Jason Ingram / Paul Mabury / Lauren Daigle
Rescue lyrics © Essential Music Publishing

Special music arrangement and direction by Gavin McMahan
Recorded and mixed by Ken David @ Soularium Recording Studio

Soloists (in order of appearance) :
Jon Schmidt from The Piano Guys
Jenn Blosil
Ryan Innes
Ashley Hess
Alex Boye
Henry Ammar
Aaliyah Rose
Tyke James
David Osmond
Lexi Walker
Savannah Lawrence
Hannah Kwon
Malachi Bonner

Other Vocalists include: Adam Turley, Madilyn Paige, Yahosh Bonner, Brooklyn Kohl, Bri Ray, Mason Murphy, Nate Waite, Jane Beeson, Jordan Moyes, Krispin Banks, Parker Kay, Abraham Thomas, Mia Hicken, Brittany Andam, Michael Barrow, Parker Rudd, Melissa Watts, Le Dad, Jarom Xochimitl, Kenna Childs, Emily Bea, Terrell Thomas, Chuck Emery, Jordan Jacobson, Becca Hawks, Britney Iris, Amanda Reid, Nicole McMahan.

Production Team:
Director, Videographer, & Editor: RJ Idos
Additional Videography: Morgan Steinagel
Production Assistant: Kenny Amacher, Dallas Campbell
Executive Producer: Henry Ammar
Project Manager: Brit L’Amour
Casting: Jenn Blosil, Nick Blosil, Alex Blosil, Kathie Steinagel
Location: Soularium Recording Studios

Special thanks to everyone involved: Thank you for donating hours of your time & talents to make this happen. We couldn’t have done this without you! We pledge to stand & be a voice for these children. You can JOIN US by visiting to learn more about what you can do to JOIN THE FIGHT.



  1. Dont trust Op Underground Railroad. The founder was CIA agent under Obama and HRC. Didnt investigate Haiti. Lots of questions about how the money they generate. Founder supports Ashton Kucher who is a very shady and under suspicion like Hanx.

  2. 😢😢😢💔 God Bless Tim Ballard and everyone fighting the worse human rights abuse on the planet. Save the children and lock away all the abusers in Hell. Stand up to this evil. Gods day of reckoning is is at hand. 🙏🙏

  3. Tears In my eyes, when I think of the children going through these types of situation I get angry and rage in my heart !!! We must do what we can to save OUR children!!! What we have no control over we must give to God. Jesus please rescue these children please use me in anyway to bring freedom back to these children my heart aches for them.

  4. Not that they did it because of me, but I emailed OU are a couple years ago maybe and asked why this was not their theme song. The person who responded told me that they had not heard of it but would look it up. It is so perfect for this wonderful organization.


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