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The message is called “The Greatest Revival and the Tribulation Period”

0:00 Introduction
0:32 What is revival?
1:31 Charles Finney revivals
2:54 Jeremiah Lanphier revival of 1857
4:02 The Jesus Movement – Late 60’s early 70’s
5:33 Revival at Asbury University in Kentucky
13:07 The last revival (Revelation 7:9-14)
17:30 God desires all men to be saved (1 Timothy 2:4; 2 Peter 3:9)
20:22 The persecution of the saints (Revelation 6:9-11)
21:11 The antichrist is granted power to overcome the saints (Revelation 13:6-7; Daniel 7:21-22)
24:19 How will the tribulation saints hear the gospel? (Revelation 14:6)
26:51 The martyrs overcome by not fearing death (Revelation 12:11; Matthew 10:28)
37:13 A triumph for the martyrs (Revelation 7:14-17)
38:39 There is a great honor in dying for Christ, but in living for Him as well
39:41 Love God and His call, not your life
39:56 Maybe God will bring revival one more time before the end
41:32 Closing prayer

We pray that you are blessed by the message!

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  1. Ezekiel Chapter 38 is being Fulfilled Nations are making Alliances with each other that will culminate in the Invasion of Israel Ezekiel 39 Zachariah 12. Followed by Daniel 9:27 and 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 the UN is preparing to introduce the Anti-christ to the World as the man of Peace 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, Revelation 6:12-17.
    Revelation chapter 6:1-11 is the UN Global Mandates and Climate Change Policies and Ugenics programs being implemented on the World.
    Yes! Folk's the Return of Jesus Christ is imminent Matthew 25:4-10.
    Jesus Clearly Said when we see these things come to pass look up for our redemption draws near.
    After Ezekiel Chapter 39 is Fulfilled Israel Officially becomes a World Power and Begins Preaching the Gospel World Wide Revelation chapter 7.
    As you have said and as Jesus Christ Prophecied the Greatest Revival to Ever Come Begins and is the complete opposite of Day's of Noah when the majority rejected salvation.
    The Tribulation will the majority to Except Christ Salvation, Most will reject the Mark of the Beast Which is the implementation of Biometrics system using Digital Banking Bio-metrics payment system RFID Chip and QR Codes Being placed in hand or forehead this will be mandatory that no man may buy or sell unless they have this ID system in hand or forehead.
    Yes! The return of Jesus Christ is imminent. Question is How long is the false Peace 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 and when do Start building the temple? Perhaps the false Peace will last just long enough to build the temple and do the Dedication and First animal sacrifice.
    Yes! Folk's time to be ready, get ready,stay ready because 1 Thessalonians 4 is coming soon.

  2. John to the seven churches that are in Asia.(Rev1:4) The book of Revelation was clearly written to seven physical first century churches in Asia. And they were told about upcoming events and when they would occur.
    The things which must SOON take place.(Rev1:1) for the time is NEAR.(Rev1:3)
    If for some reason the original audience missed the time references in (Rev1) John placed the time references again in (Rev22) for the time is NEAR.(22:10) I am coming QUICKLY.(22:12)
    If we choose to dismiss the original recipients of Revelation and the clear time texts in Revelation. We can make the claim that Biblical prophecy can be fulfilled anytime. If we follow the original audience and time texts in Revelation, it clear that the majority of those events occurred in the lifetime of the brethren who attended the Seven churches in Asia.
    Isn’t it egotistical to believe that the book Revelation was only written to and about our current generation ? Many believe that Revelation can only be fulfilled in our generation and therefore it meant very little to all preceding generations of Christ followers !


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