This is a rebroadcast beginning at Revelation Chapter 10:1 ~~ I posted this video for students of Shepherd’s Chapel to share the truth and fellowship in case anyone missed an episode and for review/study purposes only. This is in NO way affiliated with or authorized by the Shepherd’s Chapel. Jesus is the living Word.



  1. Thank You Dennis and the crew that makes my life more bearable. I love you all . Dennis and Pastor Murray,s voice fills my home with love. We may be staying home all the time, but so content with these messages and and Gods saving Grace.. Stay Safe! We need this in our lives.

  2. How is it possible for one to teach on so many levels at the same time? Always he kept in mind new students, as well as seasoned listeners.never does his teaching fall short or fail to make one think. Blessings to the lord Christ and shepards chapel

  3. Someone is playing games with Pastor Arnold Murray hands and voice and videos you need to stop it that's why I don't watch my pastor my teachers Shepherd's Chapel how much on this YouTube anymore and if any students out here that have study with Pastor Arnold Murray I know exactly what I am saying…

  4. Pastor Murray is one of Gods Greastest giftes he has given to us T hank you Father for him when satin comes here to this Earth the world is going to go nuts and think it is our lord oh you mislead souls of we zre flying away anywhere we need to be here to take a stand let God speak throuhg you

  5. Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for the truth. He said he would work a work in the last daysthat none would believe unless they be called to believe. Your glorified body is getting closer for translation and soon we'll be magnetized with Jesus into eternity. Faith to Faith and Glory to Glory. You'll never feel such an engulfing love from Jesus. May my God and Saviour Bless you all and keep His hand on you.


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