Revelation Prophecy Dream! Listen to the two dreams God gave me about the end times!
Take care, God Bless you and your family!



  1. New subscriber here from Australia. Thank you for your videos – they are certainly speaking to me. So calm and rational. I will keep watching and look forward to further guidance. God Bless you.

  2. Bible says if a angle comes teaching a different teaching and doctrine to hell with them and do not let them in your home .. most all other Churches are less that 500 years old .. only the Catholic teaching that’s all biblical is 2000 years old and made the Bible in year 382 Pope Saint Damus and Catholic Bishops

  3. The only Church that Christ Built is the Christian Catholic Church… all other Churches are man made … and that Catholic Church is the Pillar and support of the truth…

  4. The Temple Mount is not where we are told, neither is the City of David and Zion; and., the Western Wall and the great tunnels, etc. are not from King Herod's Temple that Jesus saw. The Jewish historian, Josephus, reports, "Jerusalem … was so thoroughly razed to the ground that those that demolished it to its foundations, that nothing was left that could ever persuade visitors that it had once been a place of habitation."
    Ancient History Encyclopedia : HADRIAN: "In 130 CE, Hadrian visited Jerusalem which was still in ruins from the First Roman-Jewish War of 66-73 CE . He rebuilt the city according to his own designs and renamed it Aelia Capitolina…" (My note: NOTICE, he built the city, then, ) "When he built a temple to Jupiter on the ruins of the temple of Soloman…. the populace rose up under the leadership of Simeon Bar Kochba (132-136 CE) 580,000 Jews died, 1000 villages were destroyed…. Jews were banished, and country was renamed Syria Palaestina. He (Hadrian) ordered a public burning of Torah, executed Jewish scholars, and prohibited the practice and observance of Judaism."
    Special Note, Christianity continues the same error, forbidding or refusing the commanded weekly seventh day Sabbath in the Ten Commandments as written in Deuteronomy 5 and refusing the commanded holy times of our God as written in Leviticus 23, and saying the Law that the God of Israel gave through Moses is not for us or for our time. ACTS 2:34-35 and ACTS 3:18-21, and DANIEL 7:18 are in agreement that they must be restored, before Christ come in person. Remember that His name is the Word of God (Revelation 19:13; John 1:1, 14) He speaks AS the Word of God, not as the man Jesus most of the time. "Eat my flesh, drink my blood." "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." The Word of God IS THE MESSIAH-DELIVERER, to save us from creating a world like we have created.

  5. Our Creator gave a revelation relatively recently saying, Do NOT be tested; Do NOT take their medicines; and Do NOT take the vaccines; the virus is in them.
    Regardless of whether the medicine works, it is a sign of unbelief and failure to trust in the power of God alone and leads to bondage including the Mark of the Beast.
    IF we cannot resist now, with very little pressure, we will not have the spiritual power to reject the Mark of the Beast, because we will want our job and to be able to buy food for your children; but our God says that we will be damned forever, separated from God.
    IF we are tested and they find we have Covid-19, but we have no symptoms, and we spread it to others and 98% have no symptoms, then the testing is to create an illusion of a pandemic. It is the enemy's report that we have Covid-19 that creates the panic and shuts down our way of life, including our social interactions. We do not need.30,000 testers and trackers, we know how to separate ourselves from others when we get a cold. TRUST GOD'S warning.
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  6. Dreams are a function of your brain, you sound psychotic. There are people who think god put thoughts into their brains to kill others. Why is every “prophesy” about the end of the world? You’re literally just using fear to get people to follow you. God is a concept by which we measure our pain.

  7. You r so very correct young … but the time is not yetthere a few more things that must happen like Jesus our master said but he told us in Matt. 24 but that we would not be caught unawares so get right stay right and and do what he commanded us to do go and make disciples of the whole world

  8. Hi, I was taught biblical dream interpretation. The home represents your home church. The window represents the gift of the visionary, or of dreams and visions. The fire represents either refining, or revival. The Nocturne is a song of the night time, see Ps. 42:8. Blessings

  9. Thanks for the video
    That relationship with Christ is more important than one can know. To make the relationship stronger, is his words that you read and follow. God bless all that reads this

  10. You might find Pastor Dana Coverstone's three prophetic dreams interesting. Keyword…'the three prophetic dreams from Pastor Dana'. He posted it about a week ago, and it's viral. His friends and followers attest that his visions come true with 100% accuracy, so it's more than just unsettling that his vision is quite alarming, even shocking. In his vision, Pastor Dana claims that in September 2020, something so Huge will happen, it will lead to massive chaos and riots throughtout the US, and that by the time we get to November, the United Nations troops along side China's military will arrive here and take over the US. The something huge happening in September could be a covid comeback big time, resulting in the shut down of the country, OR, since the Jewish Holy day of the Feast of Trumpets occurs on September 19, perhaps the rapture could happen at the blowing of the last shofar. Either scenario would plunge the US into chaos.I hope it's not the rapture, cuz I'm not ready. A huge covid comeback seems more likely. Pastor Dana posted another vid a dew days ago of another vision which is even more shocking. In this vision, he sees a field filled with sleeping wolves. Suddenly a dark cloaked figure appears with a whip and the wolves wake up. They have red eyes. The cloaked figure uses the whip to whip the wolves into a wild frenzy. He then orders them into the cities, into the Churches. The vision continues and the wolves are in the Church. The righteous can see them, the unrighteous can not. The wolves attack the ones that can see them, and they use the ones that can not see them, to attack the righteous with them. Then the vision continues and the courts are passing tons of laws against the Church, and they all get destroyed. Then God speaks to Pastor Dana and says.."Brace yourself and endure until the end".

  11. Your dreams may be something much more interesting than you can imagine but I think you are not ready to accept the truth of them yet. As we are all Star Children from many varied planets throughout the galaxy & surrounding galaxies, other densities which means higher frequency realities that overlook this reality that we cannot see so our dreams when we sleep do not parallel time as our waking life does & many times we can be living what would appear to be similar waking hours in several lives during our sleep at night. Basically what happens during your sleep, your higher self, higher spirit will leave the body to go carry out work that you have written a contract to do before you were born. Being born in this reality is a contractual agreement that your higher self, higher spirit agreed to as well as other contractual agreements that you carry out during your experience of physical life. Imagine your higher self, higher spirit is an all knowing immortal soul being in a high frequency density that can't be seen by people living here in this lower frequency density & while you are in what you know as spirit you make contractual agreements to live in physical densities to help out other Star Children as well as that you work on gaining experience in certain aspect of human living. You might want to experience what it is like to be poor, or rich, or a criminal, or a victim, this you will be in denial about because you have been brainwashed about Good & Evil, there is no real Evil as such, there are Positive Forces & Negative Forces.
    So many times our dreams where we will see places that know from our past such as living in a house you previously lived & you visit that same house in your dreams but there are differences that you first don't notice, the ones that you do notice are the differences that stand out such as your dream about fire outside. Because your memories fixed on that sight within the dream you may have missed other differences that would prove that the house you were at was in a different reality so the things that you seen & that you attribute to being a vision from God may end up as not being a vision at all. When God intervenes in our lives to send us messages, they are very subtle where we don't even notice it the first time around until we see similar subtle messages several times so that we then have that AHA moment. It is meant to be this way instead of a message that forces you to take notice, use your mind to interpret before you understand, God's messages are never gift wrapped with all the answers where you do nothing but be amazed. As you become wiser through age & having much experience with your interactions with God your understanding will grow exponentially greater than what it is now. For now it's okay for you to be in denial & write off someone else's wisdom but in time if you are on the correct path your own wisdom will grow to bring you to different understandings where if you looked back on your life you would say that when you were younger that you wouldn't be able to accept what you do now when you are much older.


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