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  1. Stop spreading your lies!!! We are Not in the end times Yet. America can only destroy itself by trying to stop God’s will for this world. Don’t believe me? Ask the Old South back in 1865. Our society fears losing control of our own destiny. Only He knows the plans. We may be having signs but these signs must happen first. Beware of spreading false prophesies you fools. He really doesn’t like that stuff. It’s a good thing His grace is so good! Revelation is confusing. Confusion is the enemies game. Stop instilling fear into people. Have some faith people that his word is perfect. Stick with the gospels and the real prophecies. I tell you the truth. Take it or leave it.

  2. I watched this movie, and thought of the first rapture, then at the end of the movie was a 2nd rapture. what does that mean. Sorry i tried getting interested in the bible, but the farthest i got was exodus.please is this movie based towards the bible is there any parts that may seem unreconizable in this movie that was not in the bible.

  3. Everything in this documentary was absolutely wrong. Why is it so centered in the U.S.? They never bother to show what happens to the rest of the world. The main events should have taken place in the Middle East. Why didn't the Antichrist attack Israel and conquer Jerusalem? Why did he waste his time attacking milita in the U.S?

  4. I liked the 2 episodes but i don't understand the ending. Im pretty sure when u are in heaven with the lord Jesus Christ u will not be recording. I feel like the end of days are coming soon The best way to be prepared is just keep praying and give your soul to the lord. Amen

  5. Well these unbelievers will be the shock one's once things are actually happening. the (666) mark is the devil number, that will happen next year in "2016"  20 "16". We will have to receive the mark in our foreheads or in our right hand. if we dont receive the mark we wont be able to buy or sell. and this is bible propechy God said do not receive the mark or else u are going to hell. and once u receive the mark there's no asking Jesus to forgive you, u cant ask him forgive u because that is the last tribulation after the 666 is revealed and the anti-christ. Keep looking in the Sky people Because that will be the last one on the End time list 666< The Antichrist is the last one and the toughest one. Keep looking in the sky people once that's reveal. and it will happen. we are living in the last days, And unbelievers never want to believe anything that's exactly why they are lost and Im sorry to say, They Will Face God's Judgment… 🙁 I hate to say that, but it's going to happen, They are still a child of god but they dont believe that. Us christians We Know god is real We have a Connection with god, But the thing Is, They' don't know God is real. They don't know. They see all these signs on the News around the world on tv and even in Music Videos/ The Media but yet, they are STILL asleep. and if you are asleep in These last days, Your life May be at Risk.  because you are not Saved by Jesus. and Destruction will come upon the whole earth and those who are not saved will face destruction BUT! If you dont want to die in these last days, Be Save By Jesus! He will save you and you will make it to the very last day when he comes and the sun will be darken. Everyone will be crying once they see jesus coming from the clouds everyone will be crying and yelling and screaming. every eye shall see him. even the mockers AND also the unbelievers shall see him. i bet when the unbelievers see jesus they will be shocked. and i know once they see people disappearing into the air. and they are still on earth i bet they will "FEAR" because they know God's judgment is on it's way…. Yep. If "FIRE" is real, Hell Is real. and Fire Hurts when your whole body is in fire, Ughh… its pain and it hurts bad, well that's where unbelievers are heading and the others and there will not be no break nor night they will be in the fire FOREVER while the others are in Heaven and they will see God Face to Face and Angels and will Reign with Christ forever. and they will see the "NEW EARTH" Not the Old Earth< which is the earth were living on now< The New Earth which God will make and we will see God's Holy city and his Kingdom.

  6. you have to be really stubborn to say "there is no god". Because the non-existence of god is impossible to prove. Atheists are cowards who were alone in there rooms one night and begged for a sign from the heavenly host, because they are afraid of perishing. Hell is a metaphor. Its actually a place where your soul is burning up to the point where your conscienceness fades, and you eventually perish. It says so. John 2:15-17. I wish too see all of you in the eternal kingdom. May God have mercy on your souls.

  7. I watched it. It was amazingly accurate. But the way the rapture happened was confusing. I was also disturbed at how demonic the trumpets sounded. I get chills every time I think of them.

  8. ~ Glad I don't believe in this crap, so I won't grow cob webs waiting !!!                               ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  9. the rapture in this movie was so wrong…The lightning isnt supposed to happen…all believers will be caught up at once not just little kids or one by one smh…And the acting is so terrible…For fucks sake get some real good actors……The president in this movie looks like a total jack ass and im sure the trumpets arent supposed to sound like Freightliner truck horns……..This is a 50/50 for me because it was interesting and made me think about the end but it still had other cons. Bring on the atheist asswipe comments

  10. These episodes are to be seen with the bible in hand, I wish they would show it some more. For those that don't believe, you are already in hell so there is no sense in telling you to go there. 

  11. Watches IT but something left out… My questions and Maybes: DID they find the children…HOW DID the president die? Maybe you CAN make a other part when they find craig… How did doug make the video, cause he DIED? Where did the other actors go… THERE HAS TO BE A SEQUEL!

  12. If god is all powerful and prophetic he had to think of the book of revelation before he started creating everything so why would he create people and the world if he knew wut was comming. In other words aint all this shit god s fault


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