“Here Again” sung by Rheva Henry live at Bethel Church
| Episode 2 of 4 from a special Sunday worship night |

Worship Leader – Rheva Henry | @simplyrheva
2nd Worship Leader – David Funk | @thedavidfunk
3rd Worship Leader – Emmy Rose | @emmyrose_
BGV – Melissa Casey | @melissagracecasey
Electric Guitar – Kenyon Reed | @kenyonthe2nd
Strings – Antonio Marin | @allisonandantonio
Strings Allison Marin | @allisonandantonio
Bass – Tanner Erickson | @tannererickson
Keys – Nick Stailey | @nick.stailey
Drums – JP Gentile | @japes876

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  1. I am a living testament. Lupus and RA. I can surely say if you are not strong pain can certainly kill you. The prayers, days and nights of crying because of immense pain. I get up daily and fight. But God because I couldn't do it without you Father in heaven. You are in this place!!!!

  2. My ultimate GoTo worship song! “Jesus,, I’m not enough, unless you come”! Meet me here again! I love seeing these young people give it all to the Father, and our Lord Jesus!🙌🏼🙏🏼♥️

  3. She has been delivered and set free and has a mighty testimony, I can hear it her her worship and it's POWERFUL!!! She has been in places I've never been, she has seen things I've never seen, I feel her love and gratitude in my spirit. I looooooooooooooove that she is a beautifully created black woman! I love the color God created her to be!! I love that she is powerful in her strength and that she walked out of darkness and death into the relm of light and life!! She has a powerful testimony in her worship and praise of God almighty! She knows his mercy and loves the Lord!!! I am an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and I loooooove that she is of African decent!!! Revelation 5:9,10 Rev7:9,10 Isaiah 6:3 Exodus 12:38
    Exodus 2:11 Exodus 4:24-26
    Jeremiah 31:10,11 Ephesians 4:7-8
    and 4:175:20 Psalms 68:18 Psalms 23:27,281King 4:13
    Acts 10:34,35 Hebrews 7:25
    Mark 2:13-17 Daniel 7:13,14 Psalms 68:31-32 Psalms 87:4-7
    Romans 8:15

  4. Just a ⚠️ warning ⚠️

    The, “ STAG “ aka the deer in the logo,
    Is an historic icon/image used to depict the, “ DEVIL “

    Just saying,,, it’s ODD they would choose this LOGO !!!


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