What does the Bible mean when it says we are to “contend for the faith” that was once delivered to the saints? Are you and your church contending for the faith as commanded? This is important, so join Rick Renner today as he helps you answer this question. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

Are you shocked to see how far society is drifting from what was once held precious in terms of morality and faith? In this 15-part series, Rick Renner will walk you through New Testament prophecies about the end of the age and what you need to do to sail successfully through turbulent end-time waters. https://store.renner.org/product/157/how-to-keep-your-head-on-straight-in-aworld-gone-crazy-15-part-series

In Rick Renner’s new book, How to Keep Your Head on Straight in a World Gone Crazy, Rick reveals the disastrous consequences of a society in spiritual and moral collapse. In this book, you’ll discover what Christians need to be doing to stay out of the chaos and anchored to truth. https://store.renner.org/product/171/how-to-keep-your-head-on-straight-in-a-world-gone-crazy



  1. Thank you for making these teachings available to us. We are in spiritual warfare on a level we have never experienced. Let’s submit to our Commander-in-Chief. Stay focused on Truth of the Word of God. 🙏🔥🔥🙏


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