Why do people get off track? Do you know anyone who has veered off course spiritually or morally? How did it happen? Let Rick Renner help you find the answer today so you can help those who are in trouble. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

Are you shocked to see how far society is drifting from what was once held precious in terms of morality and faith? In this 15-part series, Rick Renner will walk you through New Testament prophecies about the end of the age and what you need to do to sail successfully through turbulent end-time waters. https://store.renner.org/product/157/how-to-keep-your-head-on-straight-in-aworld-gone-crazy-15-part-series

In Rick Renner’s new book, How to Keep Your Head on Straight in a World Gone Crazy, Rick reveals the disastrous consequences of a society in spiritual and moral collapse. In this book, you’ll discover what Christians need to be doing to stay out of the chaos and anchored to truth. https://store.renner.org/product/171/how-to-keep-your-head-on-straight-in-a-world-gone-crazy



  1. I decided just a little while ago to go through the Bible again and allow it cleanse me of all erroneous teaching I have picked up over the years. I have turned off Christian TV because very little of the content is christian. I am very selective concerning ministries now. I dropped many high profile and world celebrated ministers a while ago. I believe my Bible background allowed me to sense something was amiss although I was unaware of the specifics. Rick Renner Ministries is one of a handful that I will listen to. This is EXACTLY the type of teaching ministry I was looking for. Thank you for your service to the Body of Christ.

  2. There are some people in our church that don't even bother bringing a Bible to church anymore. How can we encourage those people to rekindle a love, respect and a passion for the Word?


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