Ride along and join me as I walk through my favorite personal Bible
study method. It’s simple and helps you to really soak in the Word!

Semi-Chronological – https://www.fivedaybiblereading.com/
Bible In a Year – http://www.hillsborofirstumc.org/inde
First Steps (key portions of the bible in a year) – https://discoveronething.files.wordpr

Evangelical Study Bible* – https://amzn.to/32QFk8h
Pentecostal Study Bible* – https://amzn.to/3n0PuKj
The Bible Recap Podcast – https://thebiblerecap.podbean.com/
The YouVersion Free Bible App – https://www.youversion.com/the-bible-
Bible dictionaries, commentaries, and study – https://www.blueletterbible.org
Scholarly articles – http://www.bible.org

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When You Don’t Feel Like Reading the Bible – https://youtu.be/KBokep7Di-g

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  1. Thank you for the encouragement. I need to go deeper in my Bible study which for me means investing more time and being intentional about listening to the voice of God. It takes my mind time to settle and get rid of the noise of this world in order to hear. But God NEVER FAILS to speak. ❤️ blessings!

  2. You are such an inspirational Diana! I have tried to study my Bible in the past with so many starts and stops. But after listening and being encouraged by you, I have been successful so far everyday for over a month now. The SOAP method is a good one. I also have a nice quiet spot, and look forward to this time first thing in the morning and it nourishes my soul. Then I have my coffee lol the second best time for me. Thank you again for your tips, resources and love for the Lord. You are a great encouragement to so many people everywhere. Take care and God bless you & your family.

  3. I am a 61 y/o pastor's wife who started following you and Dawn during the pandemic, YouTube video's were new to me. Your prayers and scriptural insights are always spot on! I have a Christian Planner were I record notes from my husband's sermon and notes from your Bible study each week. This week you both used Matthew 6:33. Yes, Lord I am listening! Thank you, Diana for you beautiful spirit, you've been a blessing to me over the last year and a half. I am also a 6 year Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor. After I finished my treatments I went back to college, With God's help I completed an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education (Dec 2017) and a Bachelors degree in Social Work (May 2020). I had always wanted to finish my college education, but was so busy raising my family (3 children), working, and helping in church ministry. God showed me I could still accomplish my goals no matter my age and I didn't need to worry about tomorrow. God has used every step and experience of my life journey to prepare me for his plan for me today. God is Good! He gives us everything we need and then some. Praying God blesses you, your family and ministry!

  4. This was fabulous! I’m not sure why but today this connected with me today. I studied a passage that we are discussing this week in our small group bible study. WOW! I like this very much. Same thing happened when you suggested The Bible Recap! Keep on doing what you do Diana!!!

  5. Thank you for breaking this down. I was raised in the church, but have struggled with studying the Bible. This breakdown simplifies the process. May the lord continue to bless us with your knowledge of the word and helping others to study the Bible.

  6. I haven’t heard of the SOAP method before. Thanks for sharing.
    Your sweater reminds me of a sweatshirt that I had in the 80s!
    That is a beautiful coffee shop! Love all the plants and light in there! What a beautiful place to spend some time in the winter!

  7. Diana, talk about confirmation.
    I began a daily devotional that explains Hebrew/ Greek / words/ meanings in Jesus time on earth.
    I write the scripture down each morning after the reading & ask the Holy Spirit to help me understand it.
    I'm spending time w/ my Father each morning & it just sets the tone for the day.
    Do you have a specific place on here for prayer requests?
    Thank you so much for starting your own channel.
    You are much appreciated.

  8. Diana, thank you for sharing this beautiful Bible Study. I have been watching Dawn’s Videos for over 2 years. Although I miss your Sundays with her, I am happy you have decided to branch out with your Bible Study Chanel.
    I am a 67 year old Christian Grandma and haven’t attended Church since the pandemic started. I live in Amarillo TX where we have been at Level RED last year and now due to Covid. So, I especially enjoy your channel. May the Lord bless you/yours and keep you.

  9. Thank you! Diana, your videos are so inspiring. I love your heart for God and for others. I am going to show this to my 7th grade girls’ Bible class this week. So excited!! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for you and this channel. May God continue to give you words to share.

  10. Just yesterday I wanted to suggest or better ask, if you maybe would like to consider, studying the bible together with us!
    That you read and explain a certain section to us.

    I think, very many of us want to read/study the bible, but sometimes it's hard to take time for it and even more to do the research. We'd need somebody to take our hand & sit down with us. A warm & friendly face, that reads to us & explains the details..

    I think, a guided & leaded bible reading session would be appreciated of so many.
    Like a real time bible class in church, but online!
    You could be our church, Diana!

    Love you.

  11. Hello from sunny South Africa! Your simplistic approach and genuine love for teaching shines through. Thank you for empowering us. For the first time i believe I can do daily devotions and stick with it! Now there's a plan that speaks to my personality. Eventually! God will do great things with your followers, through you making it real, tangible and do-able. Thank you so much.

  12. Thank you for this, Diana. I love how simple this is and that it will help with keeping the scriptures in my heart and mind throughout the day. I am going to try this and ask a neighbor if she will do it with me.

  13. I love your channel! it’s very inspirational but I thought we were going to do that Bible study together and I’m sad you haven’t even mentioned it I even bought the book seeing Jesus in the old testament thinking we were going to do the study guide together and I don’t even know if you’ve mentioned it since I purchased it please let me know if you plan on doing that that’s why I purchased it

  14. Diana you are so beautiful!!!! Inside and out!!!! <3 <3 I love your heart for wanting to help others enjoy reading and learning about the Bible!!! Your love for Jesus is so contagious!!!! I heard a question one time that said….Does your life look like you 've been in the Presence of God? And yours definitely does!! Thank you for sharing this with us!!! Im so glad that you got a bit of alone time, with a delicious cup of coffee!!!! And so sweet of you to spend that time with us!!!! Blessings over you!!! By the way you rock that hat!! But lets be real, you look amazing all the time, whatever you are wearing!!!! 🙂 <3

  15. Thank you! I am getting ready to move to a brand new state and want to start a Bible study in my home but didn't know how. I love how this method is accessible to anyone and does not require any homework.

  16. Thank you, Diana! I am starting a ladies' small Bible study group once a month and this method is very helpful! I am so nervous but yet excited for what the Lord will be doing in our efforts in digging in the Word.

  17. Hello Diana, do you use colors or symbols to mark your Bible? For years I have just highlighted with no specific plan in mind. I’m about to start in my fresh new Life Application Bible that Dawn mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and I want a more organized plan before I start. I have been researching on line, but there are so many options on YouTube that it is kind of overwhelming. I think the SOAP method is a great plan. Blessings to both of your families.

  18. That was a beautiful encouragement! You help make studying the Bible so simple and joyful just like your sister makes simplifying our homes so much easier:) You guys are impacting so many- thank you for sharing today! God Bless you and your family!!!


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