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  1. But they(catholics), believe in JC and has many calling on JC when infact His name is YESHUA, Which means SAVIOUR.. I believe that JC is in fact the spirit of Ishtar/Easter..
    god, gud= baal..

  2. They tell me that too. They say that Christianity was invented by Romans and then adopted by Europeans. And this other guy says that it was invented by Europeans during the colonial times. I'm not the only one ! Yay !

  3. Notice the X, = upside down v and right side up v= dualustic system, Cain /Abel, Canibal system. V for God's vengeance on the Church's leading his sheep astray. The largest alter,, St Peter's is a big dead sheep. The Vatican mocks God's children! You must be born again.

  4. Agree with you on wondering what on earth that misled child is being raised to believe.
    As a mother- Deception, lies and encouragement of Evil is sooooooooooo NOT an option!
    My infinite love and gratefulness to the Lord for his support in the raising of my children.
    We've been none the more perfect, we've faced trials here and there via tests, but we've overcome and now kiddles know the truth. 👍✝😇

  5. Brothers and sister Israelites, the real Israel is the Bantou Africa, leave that Palestine alone! The true Israel is the Bantu Africa, the richest land were is The Garden of Eden, please check the Scriptures and come back home in the Holy Land before the judgment falls

  6. Lady gaga in a talk show showing off her oscar keep repeting that she did it she did it with her hard work only. Little satanic slag. And ppl are in love with her… sad
    Good you pointing this out and preaching . Thank you!

  7. I’m so glad you have met Jesus and know exactly what he looks like!! Lol I have passed away and seen Jesus he smiled at me and he looks exactly like humans portray him to look but his beard is much shorter and his hair!! I died and I was sitting on a bed in the middle of this green meadows with all kinds of beautiful flowers…crisp blue sky…everything is so clearer and vivid than we have here on earth…Jesus looked down from the sky and smiled at me then all of a sudden I was back alive on earth!!! I think you speak to much in definites when nobody knows for sure! I do believe you speak from the heart and have good attentions most of the time! I think you’re doing good work and your messages are spiritual!!

  8. @The Controversey7 @Everyone I'm part of the massive Exodus.And we've been chased out tortured and abused by demons in the flesh like the KJV Bible. states. I've been dealing with them since 2010. Their so called storm they talk about will be revelations at it's finest. You all that are still there need to get out of Babylon asap and it's front yard CDN. and it's backyard MX. It's all Babylon!! It's not only God saying so and to never eat or drink it's food and water again but to save your own lives and souls. The Exodus knows the horrid horrid truth those demons will do to you. That's why they've revealed themselves to us to scare us off to try to keep us from telling you the truth. They hack our devices and keep us moving from government to government house while being followed by demons. They have the capability to read your mind and respond to you outloud and know what your doing before you do it. Like I said everyone needs to leave now and cut ties with their home and repent and give themselves to God and Jesus and take the full armor if God for protection. The demons hate when you bring up Jesus. There's so much info. I been pretty much trying to teach everyone and anybody that wants to sub. here and to my channel Truthistruth on D Live I can advise you on how to break away from Babylon on how to deal with the demons. Also you all need to love one another help one another and be honest about everything. Help God's creature's Dogs Cats Homeless etc. Praying 🙏 all my brothers and sisters make it out ASAP! One ♥️

  9. I can do anything through Christ who strengthen me, I don't depend nor rely on myself! Thank you father… Thank you my brother Emmanuel may our lord and Savior bless you and your family in Jesus name Amen

  10. I do believe we are the last generation, but Sunday law is already being enforced without being enforced, my family and most Americans have been going to church on Sunday for decades, i would say since the early 1900's, Saturday is a regular day to them they don't recognize it as the Shabbot, Only true believers are separating and recognizing the Shabbot as the true day of rest. Thanks for truth, God bless you and yours.


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