1. Do you not believe in the firmament that Yahweh has placed above his earth? I mean it's in scripture. I don't believe in space or planet's and asteroids, space was MADE in a Hollywood basement. Godless you.

  2. The US Census data for 1860, shows approx. 500,000 free blacks living in the South, of which 261,918 were "slave owners". As well, a number of blacks owned some of the largest "slave plantations" in the South. The data, shows approx. 8 million non-blacks living in the South, of which, less than 385,000 owned slaves. Arar Akhbar!

  3. This is unbelievable. I died in my sleep & just don't know it. There's no way this is really happening. And our President TOTALLY went against our Constitution by signing in religious laws (=Noahide). Trump is only partiality correct. Yes, most of our Forfathers were Christian, but they INTENTIONALLY chose to found a Nation based ENTIRELY upon TOTAL SEPERATION of CHURCH/STATE! When the Palestinians are chased off their land, are we going to sign an EO making Islam a NATION???? What Trump did is abominable. I would take back my 2016 vote if I could. Not one Swamp Monster has been convicted – quite the contrary. 9/11 fully declasified – any justice there? Nope.

  4. I suggest everyone watching a video by Candace Owens on Twitter or Facebook. She's an African American lady with a great pov on the situation going on in America right now.

  5. Let me say something really quick….. those people working together to burn the car, why was the camera man so close to the car? How did he notice all them working together in the heat of the moment? Why would he know to say things like this dont make sence like he is noticing everything as it happens.. can u do that? There is one enemy, one enemy that is controlling BOTH sides. Too convenient my friend this fella is also a pawn.
    I'm working on something big, I'm piecing together the full picture, I think when I release it, they will come after me, I'm not afraid to die, but I have a family.
    I have waited years and years for this day, this time, I wanted to make it through but if I dont say it, the blood will be on my hands.
    Did u know the enuma elish the 7 tablets of creation is the oldest recorded religous text in the world? It came from babylonian mesopatamia and it tells the story of our god his only begotten son and there wrenching the dragon in 2 with the help of the 4 winds? Would the 1st civilization on earth speak about there past? No they would speak of the future the hyroglyphs are the animals our friend john the revelator spoke of……
    Who are the rosacrucians?
    No, who are they really
    Amorc= new age, yet old age very ancient old age
    Mesopatamian frog god (kek)
    Revelation 16:13 q-anon frog god kek memes
    Identify them for who they are, a church? Deceiving elect? Violence is of god? Worldwide reach? Who is q?
    King with no kingdom?
    Identifying him before the neurolink will save souls.
    Father take this cup from my hand but if it is your will I will do as you say.
    This info has no copyright it is gods for man.

  6. America is going down!!! Our government is wicked and works for satan. Father has had enough our troops have killed millions of innocent people…our streets are filled with the blood of aborted babies…the crosses have come down…ten commandments have come down….we go by man's laws not Gods Laws…Trump has Apollo painted on his ceiling of his apartment that starts on the 66th floor of the Trump Tower. You think a Billionaire is getting into heaven?? 40,000 Vets in our streets does Trump help any of them??NO he won't even allow the drinking water around military basses to be cleaned up of PFAS which causes cancer…he is not stopping chemtrails…not stopping Monsanto…he is pushing for wicked 5G and this new vile vaccine…we are going down people….NWO here we come.

  7. *Daniel 8:8~12* breaking of the great he goat (deadly wound) – un and (WHO) etc…
    This must take place before "they" can set up n w o….also "you know who" will be coming into picture before long (**2nd Thessalonians 2:3~4**). May our Heavenly Father open eyes and open ears this day, in Jesus's mighty name amen
    PS. Read and note: *Ezekiel 13:18~23* *Where God clearly states that He is against those that teach His children to fly to save their souls* rapture theory/fly away doctrine is doctrine of men and not that of God Almighty. There is a reason that God is only pleased with two out of seven churches in the book of Revelation. The church of Philadelphia and the church of and the church of Smyrna; and this is because they teach God's Word in full and in truth. NOT teaching the "fly away doctrine/rapture theory" that is doctrine of men that came about in 1830's from a mentally ill woman named Margaret McDonald and is in NO WAY the Word of God.
    These two churches do teach who the tares spoken of in Matthew chapter 13:38 n on are; which are the Kenites (also in **1st Chronicles 2:55**)
    *Parable of seeds sown*
    🕊 *The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom: but the tares are the children of the wicked one;*
    *The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of world (or world age); and the reapers are the angels.*
    *Matthew 13:38~39*
    Some shall become "tares" by adoption, by doing the "dirty work" for satan n minions… Be not deceived by any means!!! There is no need for you to be deceived, GET into GOD'S WORD for yourself and find truth (KJV closest translation to original manuscripts) 🙏💜🙏💜🙏

  8. I pray that when we see all these things, think the book of Ester. Our Heavenly Father will cause the wicked to suffer the fate they themselves are preparing for us. Stay encouraged. Be blessed. Look up.

  9. And take a second look at the EMT/paramedics that responded that day? Why are they wearing bullet proof vests; why do they have weapons; and why are they dressed like police officers?

  10. *Pray without ceasing time*
    Many thanks to you and your wife, and prayers as well 😌💜🙏🕊
    *Power in Prayer*

  11. A lot of these people are so ignorant of the real world they harm themselves. I saw a vid of a guy trying to do a petrol bomb up a stairwell and accidentally set fire to himself. Another looter inside a shop put the window through all over a guy watching outside. The pretend skateboarder was hammering the window as his mate put his head in the car. Then they stood 10 ft away filming a car which could've exploded. Thing is, when these wazzaks go to hospital, people will think 'the enemy' injured them…

  12. This is the dividing of our nation! The foreigners are causing most of the vandalism during riots so that blacks look worse. Do we not see that news is trying to seperate whites and blacks so foreigners can finish taking over OUR US! Wake up AMERICA! We black and white MUST stick together so foreigners fail in this. Do you not see the US is the tower of Babel? Our languages so mixed we cannot understand even sales calls? China and all those countries have bought out our companies! Let US take our America back! The BIBLE says the foreigners would invade our land! THIS was from God. Truth. Pray they fail!


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