WHAT DID GONZ TALK ABOUT AT THE PROPHECY FORUM? Does the mark of the beast and the image of the beast have anything to do with rapidly emerging technologies? What about the very realistic prospect that we are entering a time when the question of what it means to be human will be challenged, manipulated, and eventually changed? How should a Christian respond to such developments and is there even an answer from the Biblical Worldview? How does this have anything to do with aliens if at all? These were the kinds of questions that Gonz , LA Marzulli and Doug Hamp tackled on the weekend of March 15-16, 2013 at the inaugural The Prophecy Forum: Aliens or Angels?

Gonz talks about his thoughts on his first ever power-point presentation and his first public speaking venture. The episode also contains the entire presentation in audio Gonz gave called Rise of the Beast Image: The Role of Science and Technology in the Unfolding of Bible Prophecy.



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  1. a few things to think about Gonz and my personal opinion on the end times. First the mark of the beast will not be a chip ( most likely) why? well there is the mark of the beast, but GODS people also receive a mark. Is GOD going to come down and chip the Christians? Also GOD marked Cain, no microchips then.  So there are 3 marks not 1. that does not mean chips will not be involved but its not the mark itself.  there are also 2 beast in Rev. both are systems. 1 is a political beast (nwo) the other a religious one (antichrist religion). None of the marks happen till the antichrist shows up. That's why there's 2 ways to receive the mark, 1 in the hand, to partake in the political system or one in the forehead, to follow the religious system. follow either and you have chosen satan over GOD and you have just received the antichrist mark. Stay faithful to GOD and you receive his mark. Remember HE  (GOD) says the end will not come until all HIS people have received HIS mark. The multi headed beast is the nwo that receives the deadly wound buy the sword (war) and is killed but reestablished (causes to live again)  buy the antichrist when he comes. that's when the mark is implemented,and the one world religion, that will merge all the false religions satan has created, into 1. To me the microchip is like the pre trib rapture. The chip, I think is there to mislead Christians  into thinking as long as there not chipped they didn't receive the mark and there good to go. The pre trib lie is there so Christians waiting to get raptured  before the antichrist comes, will believe the antichrist is the real Christ and follow him. remember "anti" in the greek means "instead of"  he comes "instead of" the true Christ. I also believe the fallen angels are the locust army and will come first (interdimensional beings?) and that satan himself will follow when kicked out of heaven (woe to the inhabitants of the Earth) as antichrist. it will not be a man, for men can not work miracles or cause fire (lighting) to come down from heavens.

  2. My brother in Christ age of deceit change my life too, you had so much information readily available on both one and two and I happen to be reading the Emerald Tablet though so it saved my life because I was experiencing them a lot of spiritual warfare visually and physically they were moving things in front of me my mother and my father and me and my mother mostly but was perfectly the work of the Lord God bless you help me stop meditating and be glad the Lord has introduced us .

  3. The Ocean is 1.7 miles deep on average.
    The rocky mountains are 2.7 miles high.
    Mount Everest is 5.4 miles high
    During the last Ice age sea levels dropped 394 feet from today.

    If the flood happened then is was because of the ice age otherwise I do not know where half the water went?
    Continents and tectonic plates move 2.5 inches a year, they were not broken by the flood or we would not have stable land mass.


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