Not a joke, and yes you read it correctly.
welcome to the end times.
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  1. I don't get your train of thought on why you think they are giving the river legal identity? It sounds absurd. They have further infiltrated the Maori with Law. Bad news but the Maori are fighting back.

  2. If the river has the same rights it does not place it above human, it means you're not allowed by law to pollute and fuck it up. What's wrong with not being alienated and destructive but instead care for the environment so this planet and human kind have a future? It does not deprive you of your rights. What if the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya would have had such rights?

  3. Will the river be paying taxes or charges with murder when someone drowns? What's any of it matter anyway with Fukashima still melting down into the earth, air and ocean? Rediculas doesn't even cover it at this point.

  4. In the eyes of the law a legal person is an organisation. It's a legal fiction. When you look in to the meaning of words in legalese you will see how we have been blindsided by the powers that be. For example laws that are written are only applicable to the law society and as we are human beings and are not part of that law society they do not apply to us. Same way that the rules of a sport don't apply to the people that don't play the sport. When a cop asks you if you understand, in the eyes of the law that means, do you agree to stand under their authority basically do you hand over your power to them. When they say you have a right to remain silent you should absolutely do so. Do not even give them your name. Anything you do say to them you make sure it's noted that you did so under duress. The ONLY laws you need to obey are the ones our father gave to us.

  5. I understand why they did it was for holding corps liable for damage but they will do what the psychopaths always do and that is twist it around and charge all persons while the corporations could pour straight toxins in and get away again.

  6. Im from NZ and this isnt some crazy agenda it is just the logic of Moari people and people who oppose this stupidity in NZ immediately become racist.Political correctness has gone too far. I would also like to mention that the maori people legitimately wanted to put a tax on the air we breath.

  7. You're right, Richie. Legal personhood is incorporation. We would all be wise to get out of that sandbox. Its undead inhabitants are eating each other, legally. It cannot last forever.

  8. A sure sign they are selling us down the river. Almost all the comments are good and insightful.
    Slices, dices, chops, purées.. 😭
    I cry a river. My tears have rights.. right??? :/ probably not..

  9. it's cool, the legal definition of a "human being" in Black's Law dictionary is something ridiculous like "a MONSTER incapable of owning property or inheriting anything". Lovely, huh? That's the states though.

  10. They didn't bring the river up to a human level, they brought the human down to a rivers level. Give your heart to Jesus, repent and be saved. He is coming soon. Let today be the day of your salvation.

  11. Don't know about you guys, but this got me thinking about marriage. After all they are allowing all kinds of marriage these days. Consider this as my proposal to the river person.

  12. jokes aside i think its a good idea in a sense it will stop those same big cooperations from dumping their chemicals as they'll face a murder trial rather than pay a fine. that means much better water for the long term

  13. let's not forget about the toxic waste dumps that are created every time they set up a fracking site and they are EVERYWHERE. people have water that they can set on fire in Pennsylvania, water wells explode and they are left with 24 x 7 noise after the crews leave. property values are 0 when they are done but I guess we did that. watch the documentary Gasland sometime.

    We were told to be stewards of this land and all of the creatures. Does the common man fail sometimes? I know that I never personally polluted any waters and I've never hurt an animal. these people that own everything fail all the time and set us up for the fall.

  14. Look up human being in Black's Law Dictionary 5th edition. (You can down load the pdf on google) You will see what they really think of us human beings. Other words to look up…..Citizen…….register….. Then look up Bill Turner on Utube. He will tell you how those words are used to deceive us with not knowing what a word means.

  15. Good for The Maori and New Zealand, here in america we dump industrial waste into the river and grant corporations the same rights as a human, how else is the river to defend itself until enough of us wake up, if we wake up?

  16. How about "peeing in the pool"? Is that defamation of character? Or if two lovers get amorous while swimming, is that sexual assault? Hahahahahaha! Too funny!


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