WHAT IS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE ARCHON INVASION AND THE NEPHILIM? Rob Skiba returns to talk about his new book Archon Invasion: The Rise, Fall, and Return of the Nephilim. We talk about who the archons are and what their agenda might be as part of the great deception. They also discuss the line of Ham and Rob’s theory of how the Nephilim returned after the flood.



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  1. Just FYI: With all respect, Mr. Skiba is incorrect regarding Ephesians 6:12 and Rev. 9:1.

    Greek nouns have a gender associated with them that do not necessarily reflect the natural gender. In other words, it's a grammatical construction, and doesn't mean that because the noun is female in gender, that the thing in question is also female. It may be, but you have to look at the context to determine that. The context of Ephesians 6 does not indicate if the archons in question are male or female. Yes, the noun is feminine, but that doesn't mean that these archons are actually female, because nothing in the rest of the chapter indicates that this was meant as female archons. Do you follow me? Also, the pronoun in Rev. 9:1 can be parsed as Dative Masculine OR Neuter 3rd Person Singular. We know it should be parsed as masculine, because the noun to which it refers (the antecedent) is 'astera,' which is a grammatically masculine gender. Grammar rules in Greek demand that pronouns and nouns agree in case, number and gender, which is why it has been translated as "to him" in English.

    Hope that wasn't confusing. I thought it was important to let you know, because this affects the conclusions that Mr. Skiba has come to, and thus what conclusions others might also come to. All the best!

  2. Was there an Antediluvian "Man/Homosapien" or an Antediluvian 'Race' of humanoids?            That is "Man" (if the Term is correctly used and applied) was through Adam and Eve.            What was the Type and Origen of Antediluvians?              Any help..?


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