Robin Bullock PROPHETIC WORD🚨[3 THINGS COMING] I Saw Whats Coming Prophecy Jun 14, 2022. Prophet Robin Bullock released this powerful prophecy Tuesday on the 11th Hour on June 14, 2022.

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  1. They bring those things by the speaking of the word of God I haven’t see a true prophetic word of God actually come true I hear a lot of vague things being spoken wich the prophets were never vague they were detailed and prophets share the words in wich God has spoken directly to them and they are to correctly predict the future a prophet is the direct mouth piece of God to declare judgment and prophesies the future of the self proclaimed prophet predicts something and it dose not come to pass they are not from God and they are a lier and has committed a greaves sin and was punishable by death there is no such thing as human error when prophesying a direct word from God God is very specific not general and if someone claims to prophesy something that others can already see coming is he really predicting the future or is he making a good guess the reason I believe 90% of the modern day “prophets” do not speak from God I believe some think that their speaking for God but are really just listening to their own inner thoughts while others are putting on a front don’t be fooled make sure you check a prophet don’t just blindly believe see if what he says comes true or not and if it doesn’t come true he is not a prophet at all not even a bit because God doesn’t lie or change his mind

  2. I am hearing it all ROBIN, and it sounds like music 🎵🎶 to my ears. I pray that all those jackals heard it too !! HALLELUJAH !! Bring it on LORD bring it on …. 🙋🏼‍♀️🥰🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  3. I stumbled on Robin by “accident “ and he has brought me back to my destiny. He has reminded me of the talents God has given me and inspired me to use them in the way I believe I should. I woke up to the evil happening a couple years ago, but now I have tools to fight. Bless our legitimate prophets – thank you Lord for sending him.

  4. It is Written, My house (our bodies) is a house of prayers, but you have made them a den of thieves (demons are inhabited in your temple). Christa has a witchcraft spirit within her, stop and look and you will see. This is a family that is being deceived by Satan. Wow onto them.

  5. I am a South African living through what, in the natural, seems insurmountable challenges. But GOD!!!! Hallelujah!!! We're going to the enemy's camp to take back what he stole from us…

  6. God has lifted his hedge over us for all the sin and turning away from God, let alone the constitutional laws. I've been able to discern the destruction that is upon us now and it breaks my heart. Satan and his minion's have possessed the Demon 🐀 rats and some of the right. We are in a proxy war. Russia and Ukraine I can't trust. Ukraine is taking all our weapons and money. So we will be screwed when Gog and Magog come after us. First time watching. I listen and discern who is judging you and who says good about you. God Bless. All our life's are heading towards the Lord's return and that's obvious to everyone

  7. Wow…thank you, getting same comfirms…abotr some states, have been changing laws here is Iowa several times over and taking one evil law to think that one evil laws are less evils but blind guides trades n switch back and forth every other month, so much confusion in this govt they do not know which way to go.. it's other evil obonations.. ..there is such lawlessness, n trades in"s..n favor sin just in orher way
    .so sick of it

  8. You forget that the devil can make people so blind, deaf, and dumb that they become stupid😝THank you for telling about the fight for the life of your two daughters, so it becomes clear some warfare will take years – all glory be to God🙏😇


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