For those following for just the last year we Kthis was coming and WOW, its been rising fast.
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  1. not too long ago i heard of some of the coffee shops in i think it was London,will give male patrons sex favors under the table–sick world bro,sky net is here,wont be long so will the terminators

  2. I believe it's possible we are seeing robots more than we realize interacting in social functions. People always expect to view a robot as some metallics and wires and/or screens attached and maybe some buttons to push or swipe, and a remote control. While these are rampant, there are most likely those that are covered in latex or such and wigs and who knows what all else, to make them look human. Also, often we still think of robots having 'robot voices' as in electronic sounding, but not so as we see with Siri and Ooma and the other voices. I believe they really are way more advanced than they let the public know, but they will only roll out in public the machine looking ones for awhile and then eventually move to the borgs. 👀 Ha ha, in fact I am not even sure there aren't robot You Tubers. But, I digress. 😂

  3. I shall come forth for them all
    & thus slay every single one
    Impaling them upon my long-Spear of Destiny
    Like Vladd- Tepish – the Impaler – the ConQuerer

    then I will weild my ZON-POK-TOE
    & Obliterate their tired feebled Armiez

    then I' will w/hold .. .. & remain solid & still for a
    fleeting moment – until I' smell their stinking sweat
    & feel the repressed strain of their Anxietiez

    finally – I will Release the Restrained Energy
    from w/in & Strike-Down w/ Merciless Devastation

    my ONE – TRUE – BONKAI

    for the final Massive blow to their Decrepid King !!

    & so thus freeing the sky'z above from their
    wretched Chem'trailz !!! ®

  4. Now you know why God says we are a born through the matrix. Don't believe me? 
    Exodus 13:12 That thou shalt set apart unto the LORD all that openeth the matrix, and every firstling that cometh of a beast which thou hast; the males shall be the LORD’S.
    Exodus 13:15 And it came to pass, when Pharaoh would hardly let us go, that the LORD slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man, and the firstborn of beast: therefore I sacrifice to the LORD all that openeth the matrix, being males; but all the firstborn of my children I redeem.

  5. They have virtual-bots that respond to youtube comments. Yup, that's right, I've saw other's accuse those who leave comments of being "paid shills". Little do they know it's not people responding to their posts.

  6. When I was in the 6th grade, and this in a Catholic school, a teacher said something to me during a class that I will never forget. I was one of those kids that always had questions about everything that intrigued me, just the same as I am now at nearly 60 years of age. When something just don't fit, I try to find an answer that at least somewhat fits better. Especially when it comes to science  and history.  Here's what she said when answering a question about how the Solar System truly worked to the entire class. She said, Now let's see hear, did you ever think of this class. "For all you know, you could be living in a test tube." To this day, I will never know if she was serious, or just trying to shut me up.

  7. I'm loving the Channels on YouTube that show you how to make such devices as personal EMP emitters, electro magnetic shielding, facial recognition blockers.

    Should we take these precautions? The choices are available.

    An old microwave makes a good farraday cage for those who use hard drives holding precious information.

    Wearing Gold and Silver Jewellery can also be questioned now due to their conductivity, not an issue 30 years ago, well not the same issue anyway.

    For every digital step they force upon is, a counter measure is available.

    And the best counter measure for a mobile phone is a size 12 Boot, if only we could activate the function that would allow us to ignore these trinkets, but that response has been programmed out of us and replaced with cognitive dissonance.

    What a world hey.

  8. Robots are the gold fish…The sharks are the people who are the real threat. Look deeper than the surface…The same ones that own sports, media , the money etc also made this technology. Always look at the root of every situation.


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