Rock Of Ages [Soundtrack]
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



  1. Eis aí a diferença entre a obra de Jorge Amado e ROA. Sherrie é como Gabriela e Lindalva, Drew é como Nacib, Lonnie é igual Pirangi, Paul é igual a Tonico, Patty é igual a Dorotéia carola, Dennis é parecido com Babau, Justice é Maria Machadão, Constance é Zarolha, Stacee é Vadinho, Prefeito Whitmore é a cara do coronel Ramiro. Tudo isso em nome de axé e do rock.

  2. When I first saw the cover tag of movie, I thought its going to be a normal drama movie, but I was a bit sure to watch since tom cruise is in there as I am trying to watch all of the movies of tom cruise. And when the piano started to play in this movie, at that very first moment, I got it this is going to rock me. Pretty awesome musical movie I've ever seen. Did the actors really sing for their part of song by their selves for the movie?? As I am amazed. Can't wait to know….

  3. i love this music.
    and the play was better then the movie.
    i am a 80's kid.
    i wanna read a Harry potter Fanfiction with all the Rock of Ages Music in it.
    can some one please make it so i can read it.

  4. This movie was very entertaining. Tom Cruise did his own singing????I don't know. But if he did…..he's a better actor than I gave him credit for. StacyJaxx was a cross between Jim Morrison and Keith Richards. Its was a great performance. And Catherine Zeta Jones is so HOT!!!!!


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