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  1. This was powerful! I’ve been speaking to myself regarding my change in attitude toward the LGBT community because of how it’s being thrown in our face and how the children are being attacked and the Lord made me realize that their actions is a sin just as when I sin and am a Child of God, well He loves them. God never said hate the person, He said hate the sin. I started listening to your teaching of Romans tonight and It looks like I’ll be up all night, thank you for speaking truth without sugar coating anything. I appreciate that! Continue to let the Holy Spirit speak through you!

  2. You are such a blessing pastor Paul you have no idea,your teachings are sooo helpful to me,the way you explain,sinple yet significant,clear &faithful to the word of God.thank you for posting them,thank God for leading me to your channel ,i've been struggling with bible study lately and truly you're God's answer.i mean seriously,im excited to follow through all your bible teachings!May He continues to bless you and your ministry.

  3. My first job out of highschool in 1969 was the courtroom sketch artist. Since then I have been in politics, written books and am currently writing one on the rapture (a different take from the well-known series).

  4. Powerfull how you touch upon the fact that christians can be lured into a discussion about how someone was 'born' a certain way, when it comes to LGBTQ or whatnot. I heard a pastor reply to that with: "You may be born that way, sure, and that is why scripture says you need to be born again."

    When it comes to someone saying I was born that way: genetics should not be equated with morals or have a leading role in ethics: When a lot of people are born with an uncontrollable urge to kill, or that certain DNA can be located that is responsible for this behavior, doesn't automatically make killing okay, nor does it lead to murder being the norm of society.

  5. This is a very good teaching, but you are preaching to the choir. Christians DO need to hear this though. But I wish this could reach a wider audience.

  6. Because I got to know we have such extreme immorality in our culture today which manifests the clearest in witches and sorcerers, we need the opposite standpoint to tackle outwashes of perversity. At the same time I believe every form of extremism is immoral in itself. I do see we have created a culture which seems to celebrate porn and homosexuality, especially with lesbianism on tape and gaynish shouting in the streets, clubs and on stage, which raised my interest once here and there, but is not my main focus at all. Still, I know gay people who live a quit life and which are dear to me, I just starting to think I am not a fan of exhibitionism of life styles at all. Also, there are some sexual pervervities in the Bible itself that has put me off, think of Lot and his daughters. I think the Bible can be our guidance for better understanding of life and interacting with each other, but will be of such a complexity of interpretations, that men can not justify itself with it, only God knows. Love how you started the sermon with a good argument for creationism. God will reveal himself through all his words, but mankind will never be able to explain his wonders, except for having their own testimony through the spirit AND the flesh. In Jesus Christ his name and through Jesus Christ his blood, AMEN!


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