Notice: This is a Worldwide Classroom study, so one must respect others in time and questions. You must stay to the topic of study, and not ask questions concerning personal understanding on another topic.

1. Anyone posting advertisements of other channels will be blocked from this channel.

2. Anyone with the continue questions concerning off topics will be removed for that session of the class.

3. Profanity is not permitted.

4. Do not have private conversations within the chat board. The chat will distract the teacher and other students.

5. Do not dominate other students’ opportunity to learn by asking too many questions. It is good to ask questions, but if you dominate the class time with too many questions and/or comments, the instructor and other students cannot participate in class discussions. When asking questions keep them related to the discussion at hand.

6. Respect your instructor. Openly challenging the instructor’s knowledge or authority within the worldwide classroom is not appropriate. If you take issue with the instructor’s information or instructional methods, You may want to discuss your issues with her or him privately. Elder Johnson procedures and teaching style may vary for what you are use to. so keep that in mind.

7. Your classmates deserve your respect and support. Others may have ideas and opinions that differ from yours, however, precepts will correct it all. They may struggle to understand some information, not as quickly as their peers. But they deserve the same level of respect from you as you wish to receive from them.

8. Come to class prepared. Bible Students who forget common classroom supplies (such as a pencil, paper, books, etc.) usually waste class time.

9. Elder Johnson may ask for homework: It’s not required, however, to assist you in learning precept, please turn in your work. It is important to plan ahead. Students who wait until the last minute to do their work usually miss deadlines and he will not check the work. Study and do your assignments every day.

10. Get to class on time – Students who walk into the classroom late or leave early distract other students and disrupt the learning environment. Please do not enter the room making a personal announcement.

11. When having Perceptual difficulty seek assistance, not seeking or doting about questions.

Elder Michael Johnson classroom expectations. The list of classroom rules below as reminders:

Be ready to learn
Use kind words and actions
Listen when others are speaking
Always be honest
Share & take turns
Start each day with a smile
Do your best
Follow directions
Listen when others are talking
Be positive
Be respectful to yourself and others
In Zoom, please raise your hand
Believe in yourself
Work together if needed
Help others
Treat others how you want to be treated
Learn from your mistakes
Take responsibility for your actions
Never give up
Use your time wisely
Be Creative
Wait your turn
Listen carefully

According to the law. |
Elder Michael Johnson, Hebraist, Precept Bible Teacher
The Lost Sheep of Israel
[2 Corinthians 5:18; The Ministry of Reconciliation]
The Lost Sheep of Israel
Precept Mastery™
P.O Box 1261
Chino Hills, CA 91709



  1. Elder Johnson I know this is going to be hard for you to believe. I was just praying over an hour this morning I'm not kidding from like 7:30 to about 8:30 because I was so confused how can Yahawahshi be the son of God. Because that would be like Zeus and Hercules to me. So I could not understand how could God have a son so I prayed and I prayed and I prayed and I prayed and I prayed for God to give me some guidance understanding . I was totally lost I didn't know should I pray in the name of the most high God or should I pray in the name of the most high God and the son Yahawahshi. I'm crying because God works so fast I didn't even know this teacher was coming. Because it didn't show up on my phone ,and I was at the phone company for about an hour today so I didn't get to notice until tonight around 1 a.m. I got my grandbaby to sleep so I just open it up and start looking at it and I didn't know this teaching was going to answer every question that I asked God about today that's why I have been trying so hard to get into your classes because it's like I need answers and every time I ask he sends them to me just like lightning fast. Something Yahawahshi wants me to do. And as a kid and as I got older people and family always said I here for something . Because several times I almost died when I had triplets when my tonsils were taken out test all kind of stuff that was going on that I'm still here and I always felt like I had this relationship what the father that he understood mean it's clear as day and when I didn't act right punished me. It is so deep

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