Bible study with Duane. Book of Romans Chapter 2



  1. "People in Africa"!!! WOW like who said people in Africa have no knowledge of the Bible? Well that's quite shallow, Africa is a continent by the way, not a country… It has numerous countries in it, and most of these countries are aware of the gospel mind you

  2. I love your studies overall but the continuous reference to Africa as a desolate foreign land is a bit ignorant because the word of God was was translated into Ethiopian language first from its original Hebrew/Greek translation many years prior to English and the fact that there is references in the Bible about the Ethiopian Eunuch and Egypt this is a very bad example of the far regions of the world being able to have access to the Word of God because Africa as a continent has the Word centuries before America and other nations were even established as countries. But again I appreciate your teaching just kind of threw me off with the repeated reference to Africa but be blessed


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