Russian troops and equipment pour into Syria to guard the regime from collapse. The world is in shock that Russian forces are moving into Syria… the Bible clearly states the situation that will develop in the next little while.The power-blocks are moving into place setting the stage for the long anticipated return of Christ. Receive a weekly current event newsletter by subscribing here:
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  1. Lord Of God Message,
    I am God of Israel I am God of Ibraham and I am god of everyone,I am beginning and the end is no God outside there beside me is no god before me and is no god after me I am the one from the end to the beginning and I am the one from the beginning to the end is no one like me and is no one is going to be like me I am the one who give berth and I am the one give death . my low should stand and if things are not done is going to pass and I'm going to end with my pleasure ,Mentor I am your God I am your shield from the beginning to the end of your time and you are my chosen one Mentor you dont have to fear I am your God I am with you,

    Behold I'm coming soon

  2. Hummm, Is the murder of millions of people in Iraq and other countries by the U.S. in the Bible as well? hahaha!  Ths the reason why we have so many enemies; cause even in our churches we teach the people that all the others are bad and that we are saints. Sure!

  3. Over the past few years at least there has been much talk in the wanna be prophet faction indicating that Gog and Magog refers to Russia, coupled with the remaining Cold War tactics employed by the WEST to demonize Russia.  Now please be clear that I AM NOT jumping into this debate to defend Russia nor any other country, per se.  But I find it very very interesting that amid this talk of Gog and Magog, there is only one modern nation that I have found that celebrates Gog and Magog as their patron saints on an annual basis, and that is that little territory called the City of London, where they parade the giant statues of Gog and Magog through their streets.  If you want to claim to be revealing prophetic truth then you MUST explain this and take it into account.  Suddenly you are faced with a whole side of this that has been either avoided or purposefully ignored by mainstream news and mainstream religions.  You are wading in waters that are way over your heads, and producing felicitous results.  Your time would be better suited to exorcising yourselves from the Sun worship and other pagan practices that have turned your religious claims onto an antithesis to God and anathema to truth.  Dump Chuck Missler and others of that ilk.  This being said I am not saying that Russia (as former USSR) is a nation of saints nor with saintly purpose, however this demonizing of them is counter productive to the problems in the Middle East that were promulgated by the nations of the West Led by Gog and Magog (Great Briton and the United States of America).  "You will know them by their fruits…"

  4. Prince of Russia, Moscow and Tubolsk????????????? Tobolsk??????? Have you ever been in Tobolsk????? There are no princes in Tobolsk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Open Wikipedia: Topolsk is a town in Tyumen region. population of Tobolsk is less, then 100000 This translation of prophecy sounds like:

    "Son of man, set your face against Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh (Rochester), Meshech (Michigan) and Tubal (Topeka), and prophesy against him".

    Should i give the list of tyrants, supported by USA (Pinochet for example)? And how many times USA invaded Middle East?
    IT IS JUST SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. That's well and good but, why the double standards? It's quite okay for the USA and other NATO forces going into other countries bombing those countries killing more innocent civilians than military forces yet you forget to cover this so therefor I question your motives, your ethics and your morality. I remember a prophet it shouted at some people saying to them," You hypocrites you Pharisees!" Now you complain about Russia…… dare you, you hypocrites you Pharisees how dare you?

  6. I find it hilarious how American Christians feel that their country won't be brought to justice for all the greed and blood spill they have intentionally caused for financial gain thruout the years.

    Every dominant Empire was evil and America is no diferent. They invade countries with popular support based on lies, kill their leaders, leave the country in ruins and then just sits back and watches while on the civilians get killed, have to become refugees etc.

    The US will suffer the consequences of it's horrible foreign policies. The US was once admired and respected. They could have used their power for good, but chose not to. Now it's time to pay and when America falls there will be celebrations all over the world.

  7. this is so… idiotic. Russia is not Gog. If you draw a straight line from Jerusalem to true north.. the north pole… it goes through Turkey, and very close to Istanbul…. stop looking at the map, and look at a globe. And.. if you believe all this.. then America is on the side of Gog. Because Turkey is America's bitch. and America is arming and helping ISIS along with Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and yes.. Israel is too.

  8. I don't see how this could be the Magog war. Scripture says God destroys them on the mountains around Israel. We have a 7 year covenant that "might " be the Daniel covenant in the European Partnership Instrument, renewed on Jan 1 2014. The next expected event should be Matthew 24:15 and Luke 21:24. Armies camp around Jerusalem and take them into captivity. This is not the destruction of Magog, it is the removal of Israel. There are 3 1/2 years before Armageddon where God fights for Israel.
    I wonder if this is just round one with Russia. I can see how they might help remove Israel if Israel attacks Iran. By removing ISIS they will develop a strong controlling tie over Syria.
    We will have to watch and see how scripture unfolds. This is definitely something related.

  9. Let Russia spend their money and resources.  This is a civil war.  Imagine that during America's civil war a foreign country asked the confederates to go after one of heir own rogue & barbaric groups but told don't touch your main enemy (the union forces).  NOBODY WOULD  SIGN UP.  This is why America needs to stay out of it.  It's a CIVIL WAR.  Now they will ban together and deal with each other later.

  10. I thought US is Supremacy US is Limousines
    Now Russia Slapped US Face
    US is just Mini Morris with its two flat tires
    Now wonder US cannot take North Korea repeated challenges

  11. Russia (Rosh, Meshech and Tubal) need to be "with" (confederate) with a number of nations before they make their lightning invasion from Constantinople into Israel and Egypt (Ezekiel 38:1-5; Daniel 11:40+). We are living in the very days. Armageddon is brewing as is the return of the Lord.


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