After being placed in April of 1892, a time capsule at the Salt Lake Temple is opened 128 years later.



  1. 1892 that building was build? Think on that people are playing cowboy and Indian in the prairie in the mud and wooden cabins or tents and that building was build. Come on man..its much older from the Tartaria time periode.

  2. That's mormon technology ? And they are the ones trying to record everybody on the planet ? Well, … I guess we can safely say that this will never bcome an ancient religion with that kind of technology and knowledge .

  3. They use drill and stone saw, to retrieve possibly priceless artefacts ! Hahahahahahaha
    And then they remove them with bare hands, not gloves. This is hilarious.
    Maybe you should have asked a team of Japanese expert to help you, they would have done a far better job .
    Or Egyptian archaeologists, not some construction workers !


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