Many people today are aware of how so many images of the globe, such at the famous “iPhone blue marble”, contain numerous examples of obvious use of photoshop, specifically when it comes to cloud formations being cloned/repeated. But do we realize just how many of these cloned clouds have made their way into scores of other faked globe images/animations over the years? A closer look may surprise you…




  1. I love how the mainstream uses wikipedia to refute 'conspiracy theories', then has the unmitigated gall to mock the truth community for quoting wikipedia content. What a bunch of arrogant pukes.

  2. There are very few images of earth taken in a single shot.

    Nasa never told that all the images which you referred to are a single shot. They actually publically declare that most images are stitched out of various images taken from the satellites at various times.

    If you want to define an "image stiched out of other smaller images due to field of view limitations" as "fake", that's fine, but that's just semantics. The repeating cloud patterns are the same clouds at different times, that's totally settlled with their argument (call it fake it you want, again, that's just semantics)

    Lets assume that NASA really lies due to cynical purposes, that alone still means nothing about the real shape of the earth. The only thing it means is that you can't count on them. I mean, earth could be flat and they lie to us . But it also could be a globe and still lie to us because they needed the budget or whatever . You can't really make a good conclusion about the shape of the earth under this context.

    As of the shape of the earth, you guys should really stop talking about NASA, people in general know its a globe for quite a long time long before NASA was founded, NASA is nearly irrelevant in this argument. Scientits new that earth is globe long before NASA, the real argument you should tackle are scientific arguments, not images.

    here's the thing :
    Flat-earthers obsessively refer to NASA in their argument because they just can't (or just lazy) grasp the complex concepts by which we knew that earth is a globe, long before NASA. It's just easy to use NASA as a backbone for their theory, there's a photo, fake , flat …

    NASA is irrelevant.

  3. The artist adds in layers of clouds and a fake sunspot because it looks so fake without it. I can't believe I always took these "professionals" as honest hardworking PhD individuals. Now all I see is theirs flaws and mistakes everywhere I investigate.

  4. "Blue Marble" is 33 in Chaldean numerology. "Flat Earth" is 33 in Chaldean numerology." Society" is 33 in Pythagorean numerology. So "Flat Earth Society" is 66 if you combine both charts . Just as "Society" is 33 in Pythagorean numerology and "Of Jesus" is 33 in Chaldean numerology put both charts together and you get "The Society Of Jesus" you got 66 also. Jesuits is 22 Pythagorean numerology. They use both charts and even other charts it's how they sign their name to things like artist do when they complete a work of art or a drunk does when their drunk at a bar after committing a crime and brag about it at a bar to strangers.

  5. You said it. They make it so obvious it must be left there to be seen. So perhaps all these discoveries of a sloppy coverup are intentional so you think you uncovered something but in reality you've been double fooled. Just following breadcrumbs left for your consumption,lol

  6. I don't know why, but a saying that our teacher made us memorize in 4th grade pops into my head. "What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive."

  7. 6:49 The image here (North and Central America is obviously NOT an actual image , but a drawing. Forget the clouds, the relief given to the rocky mountains is far to high. If this was a real image, this entire chain would be far taller than Mt. Everest. The fact that this image is artificial in no way infers that the Earth is flat. The same is true for the image at 7:23 and several more.

  8. The Earth is flat, said no respectable person!!! Show me a picture of this flat Earth. Show me proof, solid proof please. I think you people just want the Earth to be flat, why, who the fuck knows. You people are a bunch of weirdos, you're all the type of person to poor the milk in the bowl before the cereal, some psycho shit. You guys gotta have a black mold issue in your mother's basement. Focus on the moon, it doesn't spin, why, who the fuck knows. I'm losing sleep over it, that much I know. Tila swears by the poles, she knows about poles alright, but the Earth isn't a titty bar. Y'all motherfuckers need Jesus!!!

  9. it is done for two reasons, as a form of mockery, to point out how stupid and unobservant most people are, also, it is a test, they wanted to see how long it would take for someone to expose it as you have done. the powers that be revel in how little it takes to deceive the populace, they giggle and snicker about it constantly, because they are sick, evil creatures.

  10. "The pictures are fake so the globe must be fake." Really? So if I say that because there's no real picture of Jesus it means that Jesus is fake?

    I'm just disappointed in the intelligence of flat earthers when it comes to science. They can't even agree with a solid model of a flat earth.

    You guys do realise that there are now pictures of the globe earth that aren't altered or composite right?

  11. just because Nasa photoshops images and reuses stock clouds to pretty things up, and they and other agencies lie frequently does not mean the world is flat, seriously 5 minute on youtube and a simple experiment can show this, as well as middle school kids…measuring space radiation with baloons

    How is it that 5 minutes of doing kids stuff, does what flat earther spend so much time and NOT come to the obvious conclusion.

    you need to work on your discernment skills and use common sense and reality checks not fall back on hollywood fx to supply answers of make believe. You are cherry picking the worst examples not looking at the easy to see ones.

    A high powered laser, a boat, a lake, a marker, and a few minutes is all that’s needed to show the earth is round(ish).

    Grade School kids can see the curvature of earth by simple high altitude weather balloons,
    Videos of entire trip up and down, blackness of space and curvy world

    and while we are at it, gravity is what takes those balloons up and down (lighter than air gas helium to lift, heavy air is held down by gravity, why it’s harder to breathe at high elevations (e.g. denver 1 mile high) and why spy craft (U2, SR-71) pilots have to wear special breathing gear.

  12. Well its no suprise.
    Atheists and Globeheads are blindfolded people screaming "show me the evidence!".

    I started to call them intellectual dwarfs even though i know its unfair because as the Bible states , because people love sin God will send them a powerful delusion so that they believe a lie.

    After all you cant be that stupid by yourself. You need help.

  13. Is this supposed to be something new? For those who've done their research, they know NASA does this, and they know WHY NASA does this, and they've known this for years, because NASA's own site explains WHY they do this. Manipulating images are are a COMMON practice for NASA. Despite what you people think, NASA is not in the business of providing perfectly accurate depictions of the earth simply to please flat earthers. There's a vast amount of easily accessible information regarding WHY NASA manipulates images. But of course you'd rather remain ignorant so you can spew your false claims of fakery. Don't feel bad, your information is outdated only by about 5 years. Oh yeah, pasted cloud patterns do NOT deem an image fake! And it sure as hell doesn't prove the earth is not a globe!

  14. Is that Flat Earth science? To say that there are similar clouds or even exactly the same ones…
    …Therefor Earth is flat?

    Where are the images that proof flat Earth anyway. Oh right… you do not even feel the need to see those 🙂

  15. We should not underestimate what NASA can do with the $20 Billion+ it gets each year now that many have caught onto the lies they've had us believe up to now. Soon their globe animations and CGIs will be even better. Whoever has not woken up to the deception by now will be under an even stronger delusion than ever. A lot of those who now believe the earth to be flat will also fall for it. Let's wake up as many people as we can. These satanists and sun worshipers have fooled the world for way too long. Regards

  16. Could it be that patterns in nature repeat? Certainly not, that's not observable on any natural scale!

    P.S. if you did some actual research you would find the clouds are made from specific bands on satellites. You could take your time and learn them instead of deceiving people on the youtubes.

    Landsat 8:

    Bands Wavelength
    (micrometers) Resolution
    Band 1 – Ultra Blue (coastal/aerosol) 0.435 – 0.451 30
    Band 2 – Blue 0.452 – 0.512 30
    Band 3 – Green 0.533 – 0.590 30
    Band 4 – Red 0.636 – 0.673 30
    Band 5 – Near Infrared (NIR) 0.851 – 0.879 30
    Band 6 – Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) 1 1.566 – 1.651 30
    Band 7 – Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) 2 2.107 – 2.294 30
    Band 8 – Panchromatic 0.503 – 0.676 15
    Band 9 – Cirrus 1.363 – 1.384 30
    Band 10 – Thermal Infrared (TIRS) 1 10.60 – 11.19 100 * (30)
    Band 11 – Thermal Infrared (TIRS) 2 11.50 – 12.51 100 * (30)

  17. Great video. I've often wondered that if call weather's are so sure the shape of the Earth then why can't they explain these simple oddities and miscalculations. Why does nobody question why the Earth "has to be photo shopped" to look real? They just completely ignore that and resolve to mockery and name calling. It reminds me of the movie "Idiocracy" where the smartest man alive is actually an average man from the present who was placed in a time capsule and sent 500 years into the future where people aren't smarter, but rather, dumber than children. He's only the smartest man alive because everyone else has been dumbed down.

  18. How is it possible that every picture you posted the website explains they are composites and WHY they are composites.

    Thank you for commenting on this, that are available to all.

  19. But why use composites if you can reach space? Why not just shoot it from space with one single shot? Furthermore. Why does the same cloud formations appear so many times from supposedly different shots from space? What are the chances?


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