Music video by Sanctus Real performing Lead Me.
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  1. I have screwed up a good marriage with a wonderful woman by trying to do everything by myself. And now I have let God into my life and into our marriage I feel as if it can be saved. To all the men out here, do not think you can handle married life without putting God first. The best advice is HANDLE WITH CARE and always get instructions.

  2. men in my generation- leaders are breeder s- single parent home or combined families it's all like Abraham these people are asking for the biggest Lo-t they scheme and plot. 1 is not enough they search out four got? they make circle i am connecting dot i plant seed with a critter body rot- they only care about what can be be bought? life is pain death is knot- this is a hardship- 4 knots- tied up for knots- four scores for shots… broken homes match the dreams- God has plans – free will makes us not listen? i wish the will could be bought- i saw an angel all i wanted to do was bout! heaven is for the good! i hope to be left out i am not worthy ..not 1 to accept what i don't deserve! 10 commandments i have broken every 1!

  3. I have listened to this song and watched this video maybe 20 times near the time it came out and I thought it was powerful then. Today I watched the video with my wife who is the mother of my four children and it brought me tears as it spoke the prayer I've prayed countless times as I drove to work, answered one more email, and sacrificed sleep for the sake of my family. May God bless you all for making this song and so many others which have brought me and others closer to Christ.

  4. You may also read a short text called the Present which is available for free on the website called Global Truth Project.The book is aboit the truth of life and it shows the full picture of life for the first time so that you may stop being deceived by the world and be able to follow the steps of Jesus.A life- changer!

  5. Eu sempre gostei muito de ouvir musicas em ingles ♡ Mas nunca tive real interesse pra aprender, agora que voltei pra Jesus, quero muito aprender a lingua pra entender essas cancoes que tocam tanto a alma! ♡ Deus abencoe voces!

  6. I feel sorry for him. He seems to think he has to carry the burden of a wife and children alone; he has to be the strong one. He doesn't look like he's enjoying it. He looks stressed and struggling to be strong. Supposing he did it God's way and co-led with his wife? Two of them together, supporting each other, leaning on each other? When one is feeling weak, the other steps up. No wonder men commit suicide at such a high rate when they think they have to be the strong ones. Always. No weaknesses allowed. No crying. Carrying the burden alone. It must be awful for them. especially when women are created to share leadership. Hey men, just re-think this will you?

  7. We loved each other truly and dearly.. we agreed on everything.. 2 years into our relationship we had a big disagreement. It turned into a big issue for us and we kept arguing and we could never get to the root of the issue.. but God did pulled me aside after so much of us putting each other through agony.. I realized that the real issue was not even a disagreement and was not the struggle of finding a solution of that issue. It was that the moment the issue became an issue we let the feelings get the best of us and fear took place of love.. and that was a choice that I made but I made a big mistake doing that and wish I never did.. but if God never showed me true love I would never have known what it means to truly love. And I put the problem behind us despite our huge disagreement.. and decided to love no matter how angry she made me. because love should be unconditional and that's how God made it. and now things cannot be better. this song really resonated with me. because we can feel so alone even if we are speaking directly to each other.. True love is that commitment until the end. your common goal to serve God to the fullest.. no matter what happens. a human heart will fall but true love will not

  8. Father lead me! So I can be that courageous leader you have called me to be! Wether it’s in my family or my work place! You have called me to be a light in the darkness! You will place me amongst great people, you have such great plans for me, plans to prosper… father give me the strength, to be everything I’m called to be. Show me the way, to lead them! Thank you Lord. Thank you for the people in this comment section, we are hungry for your love! We are willing to fight! Lead us, because we can’t do this alone! In Jesus name! AMEN!

  9. Sanctus Real: you have no idea how you have blessed God's spirit within me with this beautiful, full of truth masterpiece. When the end of time comes and we are in heaven, I want to shake your hand 🙏😭💓

  10. Es una canción muy significativa para mí, al escuchar vuelven a mi mente, momentos imperdibles en el tiempo, solo corren lágrimas al escucharla, y suspiro y decir: Dios en tus manos me puedo levantar.

  11. This song has been weighing on me heavily. I nearly destroyed my family this month through my selfishness, and I am broken…a prodigal needing God's redemption, and prayers.


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