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  1. your student's quote was originally tucker max's

    “… the devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you've ever wished for …”

    ― Tucker Max, A**holes Finish First(published 2010)

    but spot on, everytrhing

  2. Please pray for me. Been having nightmares and nasty dreams for the past month since ive started serving Christ. I'm definitely feeling #1 taking place in my life. I pray that the Lord helps me to not sin against Him. 😔

  3. Try prayer and fasting. After his disciples couldn't cast out the demon Jesus told them its because they needed to pray and fast also, not just praying but fasting too..A strong fast with no food at all combined with powerful prayer, against the pornography demon or any sin in our lives will destroy strongholds. Anoint the head with oil throughout the fast. Everytime Satan comes to tempt us we must command him to get thee behind us Just like Jesus commanded him when he came to tempt Jesus. We must Ask for God's strength, grace and protection even unto death. Cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus and with the full armour of God from the crown of our heads to the soul of our feet and ask God for his legions of Angels to fight for us. Pray always without ceasing just as God said in the Bible.

  4. So my desire to be loved or have a wife is really satan in disguised? So i should ignore someone who wants to love me and live alone and lonely?? So God wants me to be lonely and sit here by myself!?!?
    The more i sit here by myself and the years go on and everyone has a family and people think im weird the more ibfeel depressed. Thanks for that.

  5. Mark I’ve been subscribed to you for a year and I’m glad I found your channel. You’re very prophetic and it just comes to show that you are one of the Christians who have a true relationship with God. 🙂

  6. The right message at the right. Thank you God. Also thank you Daniel for your wonderful works on Christians living. Teaching and guiding those weak Christians like me. God bless you all. Amen 🙏

  7. This video presents a very primitive and black-and-white way of thinking. Not a very healthy mindset to have. Life is not right and wrong. God and satan. Good and bad. Life is everything in between and what feels wrong for you, may not feel wrong for others. So stop judging each other and live in peace.

  8. Our Father in Heaven is a loving, protective, and rewarding one. I used to be surrounded by ennemis back then I thought they were friends with good intentions, I would blindly tell them all my life plans, some times my plans failed before accomplishing them, sometimes I will accomplish then something evil will happen, I will then get confused why. During all this time I will see visions and dreams back then I couldn’t interpret them. Then something happened in my life, Almighty God downloaded everything I needed to know about everyone I thought were my friends, many were witches and reprobate who used the dark art to make my plans fail, I cut all of them out of my life and live peacefully alone. Once in a while they send imposters to phish for information from me, but since I am guided by heavenly light and wisdom, Holy Spirit will reveal to me to watch out on the individual they sent

  9. The devil use to make me move before God tells me to. Now, I'm waiting on the Lord. Everyone around telling me to do things now, but I know better. I listen before and paid with dire consequences. Waiting on the Lord this time around.

  10. Hi all! Please if you would pray for me!
    I am most definitely being attacked by the master of lies! I am overwhelmed with Joy as God is SO good all the time and I feel strong knowing God's infinite strength lives within me, but prayers would definitely be appreciated.

    "Heaven rejoices when you go through trials with a singing spirit!"

    Lord please protect myself and all your children from the lies of the enemy! I want to seek you first in all things Lord. Help me to genuinely love others as you have called me to do. In Jesus name AMEN!

  11. I saw this video come up and I figured it was speaking to me. Sure enough, the very first sign was EXACTLY what I am going through. Please pray for me that I may be strong and resist the temptation. Thank you Mark, God bless!❤️

  12. There is a guy I am dating for almost a year. He has lots of good things every woman will want in life from a man. His negative side is that he is mad at God for not helping Africa how are struggling. He is suffering from a bad illness. We sometimes argue because of silly thing.. I spoke to one of my pastor to pray about him and as he did he told me, we will end up together but I DON'T KNOW Anymore

  13. Satan is for sure trying to attack me I've been going thru a rough time but recently I have been close to god and I started to feel better I even did a fasting the other day and I noticed that the devil tried to mock me by doing it thru one of my siblings plus last night I was sleeping and twice I was woken up by something calling my name 🤦‍♀️. But I will not let him defeat me!

  14. Wow I thought this was an old video so wasn't going to watch. But I felt led to see that it is indeed a recent one. I'm finding that whenever I worship God, or the more I worship Him, Satan starts attacking.

  15. Lord God, it is difficult to remain calm inside when people deliberately provoke me. I am mocked day in and day out. My enemies hunt me down. They give me no refuge from their attacks. I am constantly afflicted. How long, Lord, must I endure this? For the sake of Your beloved Son, give me a calm and sober spirit that I may possess Your inner strength through the washing of Your word. Amen.

  16. Lol, I keep praying for signs, but I'm glad I haven't seen any because that's just what I need. It's making my faith even stronger. I'm walking only in faith now, no more signs. He's already shown me incredible signs, and here i am asking for more. Also, I've been playing my favorite video game called Turok Dinosaur Hunter. It's an old Nintendo game and the levels are very maze like and complex a d it's easy to miss things. So I was playing the other night and I started feeling like I needed a sign lol. I felt like I was missing something, but something kept telling me to keep going. But I didn't feel confident so I looked up the walk through on YouTube up to the part I was in and I quickly stopped the video because Instantly realized I was on the right path all a long. My goal was not to look at any walkthroughs, a it's a pretty challenging game, but I was losing faith lol. But if I kept going without the walkthrough, I would've been alright. So it's not like a sign I prayed for, it just sort of made me think even more about how important faith is. Especially now in days, deep in my heart, something feels off to me about the world… I sense The devil lurking in broad daylight, but only through God can I sense the devil's skeems. He's extremely smart. Like you said, he's not going to show up with a pitch fork and horns. Someone once described Satan as actually a very beautiful looking angle. Sorry for long message, just felt like sharing


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