Episode 233: On this show, Flippy-esque kangaroo legs going mainstream as we reminisce Basil’s on point question from 2015, Wuhan waterpark is rona proof, rona mutations we all must fear, race war is out of hand for animals and babies, Norcal burns, satanists protect abortion as religious right, cointelpro style Q follower steals children, professor calls for soma like pills, drone wars sponsored by DARPA, and a Nephilim Update deconstructing a poorly referenced faith blog! #NephilimUpdate #Podcast #Satanism

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  1. hahahaha, the name of the show and image is other level truth! Jesus Christ bless you all into the Father's mighty power. Reminding our enemies, in the flesh, who need salvation, that our Lord can make Dread come upon them in one flash of insight…. a justification and rationalization for everything wherein the bully is the victim and the oppressor is being oppressed…. this is what happens when you follow folks who believe a psychopathic liar is God…. prayers for the brethren during these most difficult times.. i love you all hope to fellowship with you tomorrow, if you all have a show… Too much synth.. anthony patch made a good point, i think, and that is the human is going to become the robot, if they have not already, through dna/rna manipulation in gmo foods and vaccines…. May the God of Peace , Wisdom, Love and Power greet you and meet you with his presence of Rest

    pray for your enemies. point to Christ

    i have trouble letting Jesus Christ save me

    humans can't do nothing right.. however, this was a good show name


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