They have been warning us for a long long time,Im begining to think that time is up.
R.F.B. PLEDGE a Dollar or two if this video moved you to do so. GAGA Fame CERN walk thru TMR Symmetry
Special thanks to ODD Reailty
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  1. Hey richie. Just watched a video by quantum of conscience. Really curious what you think. I believe its called this cant wait or something like that. Believes it's possible we are ultimately causing the shift into our reality of evil and all the conspiracies. I'm not sold but I do feel holds some merit with the quantum field stuff I have learned

  2. RFB, I want you to know that vids like this are needed to be seen,m but with vids like this, I'm afraid you will become a public enemy. We love you, but please be careful. -a RFB fan, David from Alabama

  3. I absolutely love your voice! I just don't believe God will put up with this evil world much longer!! The world gets more twisted and devil possessed every day! God help us ….. Thank you for the videos you display and your correct words! God bless you and yours!!

  4. I mean just look at the statue in front of the therm building it's Shiva the Destroyer come on. Everything about it is santanic the ceremony about the tunnel a couple months ago. People just need to repent and pray everyday.
    GOD bless brother

  5. Its guite funny how I lose my internet connection on this video ,it never has "not one single time" made it past the first ten seconds. What to do Richie,what to do? Bull Shite is on the war path and the drums of war are uh thumping. Peace out my brother in Christ.

  6. Richie, I've been in Christ for 40 years. I saw this happening years ago. Things have definitely accelerated. Yes end times are here. !

    Accept no substitute……Christ is the answer. Full armour on !.

    Great Truth was told here today !
    Thanks Richie from Boston. 👍✋👊🖖

  7. Wow wow. That's a commercial? I don't have tv cause I've always felt and told everyone it's an insult to my intelligence. This is a disgusting commercial

  8. I definitely feel your frustration Richie the more blatant this stuff gets the more detached i feel myself becoming from the rest of humanity but all of this is prophecy. I'm no expert i don't know the exact words but I'm pretty sure the bible tells us that most will be led astray that they will love the world and the things in it and will deny God, and on the day of judgement they will run to God and will be turned away. Something to that affect. Very very few of us will make it, and sadly for us enlightened few there's not really much we can do but try to reach as many as we can. I get stressed out too because people think I'm an idiot when i talk about this kinda stuff. But that voice inside of me keeps telling me to keep talking, because somebody's gonna listen. And even if you only reach one person the work you're doing isn't in vain. Stay strong brother

  9. I learned a few months ago that most of these science fiction movies they try to sell us aren't really Science Fiction it's real life. I feel like they throw all these scenarios out at us just to get a reaction and see how we will respond to it.


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