The Saturday Afternoon Session of the 192nd Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 2-3, 2022.

Opening 00:00
Sustaining of General Authorities, Area Seventies, and General Officers 08:52
Church Auditing Department Report, 2021 16:21
Jeffrey R. Holland 23:45
Patrick Kearon 37:12
Marcos A. Aidukaitis 49:20
“I Feel My Saviors Love” 1:01:09
Gerrit W. Gong 1:03:46
Adrián Ochoa 1:16:26
Kevin S. Hamiliton 1:28:38
Quentin L. Cook 1:41:48
Closing 1:55:02



  1. Elder Gong was it OK for my ex-husband to leave me and my son for another woman because I made him unhappy? I'm asking this question with all sincerity. You said forever is too long if we make each other unhappy. Please reply, I'm struggling with his choices. Please help.

  2. Thankful for this app and my Facebook family,friends have always been there for me and my sister Mary was my sweet sister!!! Thank goodness for my sweet son and my sweet Ivins is my day to come home

  3. Heavenly Father knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what we need to hear and when. “I’ll go where you want me to be!” That hymn was constantly in my mind during my darkest times. Thank you such a wonderful rendition!!!

  4. Thank you for allowing me to live with you! May we all look forward to counting our blessings, and God bless America the promised land and the rest of the world with peace. Amen.

  5. Thank you Heavenly father for restoring your church back on Earth.
    Thanks for the atoning sacrifice of Thy Son Jesus Christ.
    Thanks for Thy Living Prophets Seers and Revelators during this dispensation. We love and appreciate them, and we pray for them as well for more strength and revelations from Thee.
    We pray for strength to live and abide with all these instructions that We have been given today in the name of Thy Son Jesus Christ Amen.

  6. Thanks for posting this, but aren’t you going to post the Sunday afternoon session? I’m trying to make a playlist of this Conference and it’s the one session I can’t find, if you’re not going to post it could you recommend another youtuber who might have it.

  7. The choirs are always too perfect. I want to hear a random choir of people just like in church meetings, that one voice that just stands out, the other 40 or so way out of tune, the one perfect pitch family, and yet totally full of the Spirit!


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