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We are Tracey and Christian. We decided to live our dream now and today and not wait until tomorrow or someday.

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Since we have been fulltime for over a year now, we are preparing review videos on the Ford F-450, Eagle Cap 1200 Truck Camper, our 640w Solar System…

Tumbleweed RvLife was conceived in 2018, we transitioned from Acreage life to RvLife in 2018/2019, and we went fulltime RvLife in May 2019.

We work fulltime from our RV.

The Tumbleweed RvLife Ranch is located 30 minutes north of Todos Santos Baja California Sur, or 1.5h North of Cabo San Lucas.

We spent 7 months away from Canada during Winter 2019/2020.

Tracey and Christian Travelled from Regina, SK to Red Deer, AB and Hope BC before Crossing into the United States and driving down the entire West Coast from Washington State to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

We call home Regina, SK. We are in Canada for the summer.

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