Dr. Fauci speaks at U-M commencement, warns against ‘normalization of untruths’ https://youtu.be/qQek9S713vM

“GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE” (creepy 4th PSYOP group recruitment video) https://youtu.be/VA4e0NqyYMw

“Countering Disinformation in Your Community” a resource guide (ALL credit for the scientistic fascist insanity written here apparently goes to Sabrina Joy Stevens and Jane McAlevey): https://ucsusa.org/sites/default/files/2022-04/Countering-Disinformation-in-Your-Community-Resource-Guide.pdf

The “Union of Concerned Scientists”: https://www.ucsusa.org/

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  1. Hate to say it but 10 min in this video became unwatchable for me. I get your intent but damn it is annoying to have bad medicine shoved down your throat, whether it be with sarcasm or ignorance, the result is the same, bad medicine.

  2. I always enjoyed how you incorporate the archival footage and mend it with the now. Very artistic. Glad to hear from you, our brother in Christ, is doing ok.

    Praise Jesus Christ!

  3. it's so freakin surreal how bold they're becoming in public. Literally mocking the monkeys' ignorance. I wish I was able to live by the motto 'ignorance is bliss'.


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