It is amazing to me how people will depend a science that is lying to us at every single solitary turn her non-buyers we didn’t go to the Blackhorse have never been proven gravity is a simple earrings took very long drawn out they require a theory none the less scientist becoming laughing stock so MIA and enemy of science I guess I am



  1. I wanted to see if it was possible to go to the moon, so I tried to recreate the moonlander.
    I bought 10 rolls of duct tape and 100 rolls of aluminum foil and then I could not find those big popcical sticks.

  2. My first memory regarding science was the big bang b.s. story. I was insulted by such stupidity. And i came from a completely non spiritual background. Smh. Always hated science. So much shit that felt like complete b.s. 🌿💕🌿

  3. I really liked ur channel until u decided there is no evidence for evolution.
    Sir, why do we have webbed feet and toes?
    Because we evolved out of the ocean.
    Why is our body mostly water?
    Because we evolved from the ocean.
    Why do we need water or our bodies will DRY OUT and we will die?
    Because we evolved from the ocean.

  4. 9/11 was done by a guy in a cave…on dialysis no less. 19 guys armed with box cutters were able to hijack airplanes and steer them wildly off course for hours, nobody was able to stop them. No air marshal, nothing. And…and…and, to top it all off, our intelligence knew and the media reported who was responsible for the attacks immediately after it all happened thanks to the passport they found in pristine condition amongst all the debris with 3 buildings completely demolished. Now, that's a great story isn't it?

  5. This is why the Satanic Globalist need to get rid of Christianity and the Bible. It's people who believe in God/Christ and the Bible as truth are the people these Satanist in powerful positions and Science can not deceive. They will refuse to go along with the Satanic One World Government which has every intention of controlling and enslaving everyone worldwide to them with the technology they now have. They also have every intention of depopulating the world of billions of people and using the global warming deception to do it. So glad I turned my life over to God some years back and no longer live my life for this world but for the eternal life God promises when my temporary life s over. Science changes their theories every ten or twenty years, but the Bible has never and will never changes and is the only truth.

  6. I do not know why so many are so accepting without questioning. We have seen scale version rockets enter the atmosphere and beyond. SO, why do they not ever build a scale version rocket that is capable for a fraction of the cost? Seems to me they have the ability to prove it and they just do not do it which points to lies I would think.

  7. Then I have nothing to worry about. I die and will go to heaven . Way better then living in confusion. I just wish this would come to a head soon. I don't worry about anything I can't control. Hooga booga up and down left and right. Let bvb them destroy it . I'll come back and rebuild it.

  8. The Greatest Scientist of all is God.
    It's not complicated folks.
    Wisdom=knowledge applied or science proven.
    If you have knowledge of something, and grasp or understand how that thing works or operates, well then that's science.
    Nowadays every pervert wants to push their agenda and call it science.
    Even so, when I was growing up there were already perverts pushing there agena on us. Like Richie said Evolution in the School system, and mainstream astronomy was lying to us back then as well.
    There's nothing new under the Sun folks. God has already witnessed all of humanities jolks. The thing which is done that seems new, was already done before, and has been forgotten.
    I know someone who never changes; "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, Today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8
    I believe in him by faith which is a gift presented to me, which I accepted.
    Now, if you want to see proof of this, fine, just look at me and believe. I am proof of the Messiah Yeshua.


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