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  1. Richie I am completely in a fiber optic sun simulated game.. I feel free to inject myself's one person's 5 year rain on understanding studies in all kinds of areas where I am completely in uprising fist flying Tontoe on getting facts.. understanding faces too type being able too seek the world over four any human rights reserved possible when the last was just and sustainable without any injections against human's. society "regression" too late to understanding is unexamined and sustainable without having great difficulty with out government twice twirling around best sustainable retirement ontrays for g oink government workers.

  2. It's Soylent Green……… GOOD TIMES PEOPLE. WTF. Wake up. There are more of us than them the time to act is NOW stop saying what can I do I'm only one person. That's how it starts 1 person then another and another and on it goes. So ruck up and Charlie Mike.

  3. RFB – Hey I appreciated your channel so much brother. My daughter was diagnosed with autism before she was 3. As for myself, diagnosed with MS when I was 21. Spent many years in a wheelchair and will be back using one before long and will likely be fully blind and paralyzed one day.

    You probably can imagine how this type of info makes me feel.

    Everyday I spend in this environment kills me so much faster.


  4. If teens and kids are getting Alzheimer's and dementia, humankind is coming to an end, except for the elites. My question is: where are they thru all this? How are they immune? I agree about the vaccines. I haven't had one since the polio sugar cube in the early 60s. I knew they weren't good instinctively. Must be about time for the Rapture! I'm ready!

  5. @ 5:15, I believe it may be because we are looking up. I know I do, I keep my eyes on the sky. I can't explain more than half of what I see. Stars turning off, then turning back on or falling to the ground, just to be back instantly where it was, then do it again. The clouds, oh wow, the HD screen is almost unreal, truly. But we now have books naming the new cloud patterns and formations. I almost believe some of it is to have some of us locked up and the keys thrown away.

  6. With regard to the suceptible, more likely factors would be synergistic toxins such as mercury that impair detoxification, but because pop culture rams the diet and lifestyle myth into people's assumption format pretty hard, it is falsely assumed as one of the more likely reasons for vulnerability. It's a blame shift tactic by conniving narcissists.

  7. They say we have all been infected with some kind of nano technology, about 90% of us..these nanobots have been programmed to all make us sick when they turn on the switch.. Ted Gunderson told it all when he retired

  8. You'll need a hell of a good face mask to block nano-particles $$$$$$ And with today's LED flashlight over 10,000 Lm.
    Point it straight up and look what's dancing in the light beam (best done in a very dark open lightly breezed area)

  9. Harold kautz,watch his videos about nanotechnology in the cemtrails,causes DNA/RNA to change form it has crystalline structure just watch his lectures. And he gets into black goo, there 2 to 3 hour long lectures which I watched um all

  10. My six month long headache finally went away when I started wearing a necklace made from those buckyball magnets. The headache was gone and hour after I put it on. It pulls something black that is very hard to remove when cleaning them. It's not skins, dirt and sweat. Under magnification it has a metallic luster.

  11. well, smart folks always figured the most efficient method of mass population reduction would be some kind of virus. Whats scary to me is how many of us know whats going on(or see many of the pieces, at least) but just kinda shrug it off, like what can i do, Jesus will be along shortly to fix it all up or at least I dont have to worry about anything because the good book says i dont have too. Seems like more mind control to me. o well, bring it on

  12. Mosquito bites don't itch any longer! They swarm. They bite…but no itch. Personally, I think they intentionally modified mosquitos and engineered them into little missiles filled with a buffet of disease, plague and pestilence and that's why the bites don't itch

  13. Another great video Richie, I live in Ireland the chem trails are just the same here every day, I have many videos filming them anyone can check my channel out, I know my filming isn't great but just trying to get the point across to people.

  14. Thank you so much for continuing to cover this vital topic… Yes, people get bored and move on..but this poisonous crap is raining down 24/7 on us ALL, and MUST BE STOPPED. Kudos RFB.Β (I just added you on Twitter too ;).

  15. Watching this whilst sat in my garden, it's still early – 7:50am and we've already got the 3 huge X's up there and around 7 smaller back up trails, beautiful morning not.

  16. Here are two absolutely foundational presentations about the biological aspects of Chemtrails. They are long but you will emerge from the other side with a profoundly deeper understanding about what is actually happening and why. Take a couple of minutes with each one and you'll see what I mean. Two very qualified presenters who take you deep down the rabbit hole.



    This is a nice quick compilation that will give you lot's of reference data.


  17. hey Ritchie I was checking out some vid. that was proving that colon cancer didn't even exist b4 gmo and all this modified food. So in 30 years they infected an entire generation thru gmo


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