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seventeen seungcheol / s.coups
seventeen jeonghan
seventeen jisoo / joshua
seventeen junhui
seventeen soonyoung / hoshi
seventeen wonwoo
seventeen jihoon / woozi
seventeen seokmin / dokyeom / dk
seventeen minghao / myungho / the8
seventeen mingyu
seventeen hansol / vernon
seventeen seungkwan
seventeen chan / dino




  1. Hey, I studied the meanings of the dreams, I have premonitory dreams, my mum is a fortune-teller and she can read hands. She taught me everything about this type of things, so premonitory dreams aren’t something that everyone has; if you dream about something little and in the future it happens it isn’t a “pd” that it’s just a coincidence because our brain saves every single detail of what we see and it happens that we dream about because we already saw that maybe when we were little but we don’t remember it, we think it’s a pd but it isn’t. Premonitory dreams are a gift from God and with that gift you can read the future and communicate with him. Now about Seungcheol’s dreams the first one is more like a coincidence the reality was similar to his dream (it is never vice versa) and the second is a “communicative dream” where a dead person tries to communicate with a living person by dreams because It is the only way; many times they communicate just to “”greet them”” (it happens just some days after theirs death, not every time) but other times it’s to alarm them because they know something is going to happen but they don't know what and when it will happen. I think Coups’s grandmother knows this things that’s why she told him to be careful. If you need help in understanding the meaning of your dreams you can reply with your dream and I’ll hep you find the meaning. In the past I helped my classmates for this things, I’d love to help you all too. :)💗

  2. Some might think that believe in dreams is a joke but I think just like S.coups I believe in dreams…Once I dreamed that one of my relatives had a heart attack and the next day I told my mom, she kinda believe me, and like a month later my uncle passed away in the exact same way I dream. After that my mom pays attention to my dreams because sometimes I dream nice things and sometimes bad dreams.

  3. i just woke up actually and had a dream about wonwoo and dino i think and the other members but it's only half of them. I was on an icy mountain and i spotted some of the members standing around this huge platform of ice that's shaped like that one scene from the Lion King? where the monkey raised simba to show to the animal kingdom? There. And wonwoo was right underneath it. and then suddenly, something from the sky fell and hit the platform of ice and it fell down the members. idk. ._. it's weird that I get dream coz it's really rare when I dream and it's mostly idols lmao it's also the first time I dreamt about svt. ahaha skl la naman kwenta ahaha

  4. I actually have this kind of dreams too, i realized it since I was is high school. I dream about things and then it happen, at first I thought it was just a coincidence, but then it happen again and again (not in a short period time). From my experience, I.. I will describe this as amazing but scary at the same time. Because sometimes I see bad things and hope it just a dream and didn't come true. But it happens.. so.. sigh (well fortunately not all of my "bad dreams" come true) and some dream I take it as a sign that connect in real life situation, bcs I see there's also psychological meaning behind dreams.

    I also want to add, that I could remember for like 97% of my dreams. That I could remember every single thing and also the detail like what objects in there or like room color. But I don't know where is that place.

  5. honestly, I also have these dream, I've told my mom and my family about them but they always say that I'm just making it up or that I'm just saying it because its happing right there, so I decide not to talk about my dreams to see if they would happed and some of it di but the parts that I told didn't happen

  6. I found this really weird but I know that it's not fake because something like this (just less creepy) happened to my best friend. Basically, one night he dreamed about hiding a Hershey's cookies and cream bar on top of the refrigerator behind an accessory on top of it. The next day, his Mom was cleaning the kitchen and found the exact same Hershey's bar. My best friend asked her where it was and she pointed to the exact same spot in the dream. This happened again a couple of months later, though now that I think about it he could've just bought one from the store and lied to me the second time. But the first time was true because I was at his house for a sleepover and it was just too real to not be true. I thought it was so cool.

  7. My dreams usually happen, I forget about it in a year or so (that's inevitable bc the more I remember it, the longer it takes to happen) and then it happens and I realise halfway through the scene that I dreamt this. Lately, I've been trying to change the outcomes of these dreams.

  8. Last month, I dreamed of Woozi. In my dream he is an awkward shy guy in his pale blue sweatshirts. I was buying some snacks on our school canteen and he was next in line. We are not close, like we are very awkward together. He doesn't talk but we walk side by side while going out to the canteen. We were heading out the gate when I asked him if he won't get his bag from our classroom and he said 'No, maybe later'. Then I woke up.

    Weird. He's not even my bias but he was in my dream.

  9. Cheol's dream is kinda similar to mine. I used to lost my most beloved necklace and i had a dream about it where in that dream i put my necklace under a pillow then when i wake up i quickly find the necklace at the same place in my dream and it was there 🙂

  10. I have this thing tho in wherein the places that I see on my dreams, I see them in real life and that's just so weird and scary at the same time. My mom also has this thing wherein she'd see some kind of brink or flash of light, two colors; yellow and white, she saw it on both my uncle and grandpa who both passed away. My auntie also has this thing wherein her mom's friend appeared in her dreams, it was weird. Then the day had came, that mother of her friend died and she didn't know. I also even have those kind of sense wherein I can feel something when something wrong is happening like when my grandma died, she died at 3 am and I woke up at 3:11 am randomly and fell back asleep, shortly after, my uncle told me that grandma had already died.

    sorry for a messy explanationnnnn


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