Watch Seckond Chaynce’s music video for “Can’t Take This From Me,” a single off his ‘Reloaded’ EP available for free exclusively from Download here:



  1. Omg… I sware god as my witness… you are the most talented man I've ever came across. I listen to a lot of your music and tonight I was looking for Christian rap and came across YOU!!! 🤯🤯🤯

  2. Yo!! How do anyone wanna give this thumbs down. Yall mfers need to stop hating cause u broke an still living wit yo moms. This MAN got skills an not to mention the positive attitude and messages he sends in his music is beautiful. Keep pushing hard brother. Haters gonna hate cause they hate themselves, remember that. If u got the gift to speak an reach those of us through your music, man that's some real shit.
    Keep doing to the do!!!

  3. Since my brother portraits let me landscape like a garden of pro. Going into the shot clock is off the wall lime a lock and load is nothing but shaking them rocks out your socks. Maybe you need to resort to flip flops because I got sandals relaxed rest in and comfortable with my shocks. But I ain't trying to be just doing it like Nike or rebbok. Forever I love God and stay purposed with that strap on stock
    Not so righteous. I'm John triple nothi

  4. So everyone moved to Tampa when I left church up or should I say catch up stop ✋ hating and judging folk for wat we did and hear it for the horses mouth or you to scared 🙀🙀✈️🔥💨


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